Home Again

We are home again, and I have a lot to catch up with on this blog. I have posted all the comments that people have left, and am in the process of replying to every comment.

There were a few spankings while we were away, and I will post about them in the future.

Some topics presented had lots of comments, specially telephones and other people knowing about you be spanked. I would love to communicate privately with some of my long time commenters, and share some more information, with possibly having the chance to meet sometime in the future. Do end me a private email, and maybe we might chat.
The following is so very true, and I have done this often
so,until I can start posting regularly
May you be spanked soon,
and have a wonderful life!
bottoms up


Njspank said...

Welcome home. Nice post. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Shawn, the first pictures tells it all, my wife gets that look and I best get to the bedroom and wait. She does not come right away and the wait is part of the punishment. The walk back to the front room or kitchen either naked or bare from the waist down just adds to the punishment. Her friends drop in I best not move from facing the wall, she will not think twice about spanking me, did that once, her friends enjoyed it and commented how I acted like a little boy, my wife smiled and said he is a naughty little boy and Mommy is insuring he learns.

Anonymous said...

welcome home, will post again in a bit just a tad busy right now.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Red!
I was spanked last night in fact. The Ever Ready cane, the quietest impmement was used (it was late). She took it easy on me for some reason but it was magnificent. As was the love making afterwards.

Happy Spankings


Hermione said...

Welcome home, Red and Cindy!


Red said...

Ron: thank you, and you are welcome for the post

Shawn: the look states it all

archedone: thanks
Yorkie: thanks, glad to know you both are having fun... that is what marriage is about
bottoms up