Happy to spank you

Many photos exist, although staged for publication on the Internet, of women lovingly holding a spanking implement, and smiling!

The smile says they are so going to enjoy spanking you!
The look of determination to be effective
The sparkle in the eyes as she sees you starting to cower in fright
and she is sitting their smiling as you bare your  bottom for her
and she invites you to get comfortable
but, if she asks you to do the folllowing
and she is expecting these
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Shawn, from the beginning of our relationship spankings have been a part. My wife learned from dating that I wanted to be spanked and she knew I needed to be spanked. Always over her lap, sometimes naked, bottom is always bared. Hand and hairbrush do the talking and dancing around afterwards I cannot help. Worse spankings are when I can he heard, traveling in hotels, or since spankings are mostly done in the bedroom, being taken back to the kitchen or front room to stand facing the wall, can be naked or just bare from the waist down, feel really little. So Happy is a could term, but when you ask my wife, she is happy to spank me and mostly even though I wanted the spankings, my bare bottom feels that my wife means business.

otkloverjohn said...

And of course Red, we MUST keep our ladies happy, right? Especially when they are going to spank us.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to every one of those pictures!


Baxter said...

great photos

Anonymous said...

Indeed. To stand naked before my wife, erection effective. She knows it's all because of her. Love it.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Mark, dated an older woman when I was in my 20's, she was 50 something. The relationship grew and both of our desires were soon known, my being wanting a spanking, which she was not so keen on. It was when her best friend that I had met several times came for a visit that I went to far. I had stepped out of the shower and she stood there, stern look, she said Now I will be glad to spank you and to my shock with a firm grip on my arm I was taken to the frontroom, and she soundly spanked me while her best friend watched and told her it was long over due. I wasn't until I had spent some time facing the wall that the friend who I had offended soon had me across her lap and my already spanked bottom felt the sting of her hand. When we finally wanted to end this relationship she introduced me to someone more my age, still a couple of years older, she became my wife and when we got married my older friend gave my wife a nice large hairbrush and that has spoken to many times over the years.

Njspank said...

All hot

Red said...

Shawn: great that your qwife spanked you before you werer married, so she understood that part of your relationship in advance.

otkloverjohn; absolutely

L: glad you liked looking at them

baxter: you are welcome

Marco; well stated.

mark: glad spankings work for your wife and you

Ron true
bottoms up