Happy Halloween

What a lovely paddle, to give your bottom a Halloween theme..
now, how does that saying go.. is it torture or tease
no, is it trick or tease
Well, I am certain the first word is TRICK
I would love to meet a kinky female Darth Vader
Some of the above come from http://teasememylove.tumblr.com

Remember to have fun on halloween, but I should start discussing the candy given out earlier than today. Look at the ingredients: color dyes, Fructose glucose, and other CRAP! Try to purchase something that is healthier, like pure dairy milk chocolate or other little squares that contain real ingredients. We will be giving real potato chips, that are very small packages, and as we have few children in our neighborhood, and $1 ( or two $1) bills to each child. I know chips have salt, but better than chemicals, and a small bag has few chips.  Read the ingredients on variations of chips, and you would never eat them yourself, so don't give them to children.
And remmeber, on halloween, even supergirl can be spanked...
and for most of us, spank would be the treat...

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Wonderful Halloween post. Yes I agree a spanking would be a treat. The past 17 years we have lived in a country setting and no children around but I agree look at what you are giving out. May all the spanko's out there have a good spanking on Halloween.

an English Rose said...

Hi Red,hope you and Cindy have a fun spanky Halloween
love Jan, xx

Red said...

archedone: glad you liked the post

Jan: Thank you, and the exact good wishes to you and hubby
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Nice. I got the brush hard for eating the candy. My wife was not happy but I was a great pleased her well after.

Red said...

Ron; glad things worked out wonderfully, a spanking and fun afterwards
bottoms up