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I have always liked spanking thoughts, so thoughts purportedly to being stated or thought by a dominant, aloof woman are enchanting, or should I say arousing.

This tumblr has been around for only four moths, but have many wonderful posts that you might enjoy.
Having your wife whisper in your ear that she will cane you when you get home... erotic but scary
These words so FIT THIS PICTURE!
(A safe word! You mean you want to be the person who decides when it stops? I don't think so)
This woman looks so happy at the thought that you are about to confess some mistake, and she will birch you for it...
No information exists about the poster,so it could be a woman or a man...
As usual, not everything is exactly as one might desire, as many people have stated about my blog, but the majority are excellent!
If you like the idea of being caned, then the words at this site will entrance you
but if you want pictures
then best to visit http://fmcane.tumblr.com
but it does have some intriguing pictures also
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Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

all hail the mighty cane......

Best wishes,


Njspank said...


Fondles said...

Yay cane!!

Anonymous said...

Never felt a cane on my bottom but she has used the plastic rod from our window blinds and that leaves welts. I often wonder do they think about spanking us as much as we think of them spanking us? Maybe I should ask R.

Red said...

marco: it is definitively effective if used significantly

Ron : you are welcome

Fondles: Enjoy

archedone: do ask and let me know... a cane is worth the purchase price, but I am certain that rod is effective, but not very whippy

bottoms up

Joe said...

Great post as always.

Red said...

Joe: you are welcome
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