captioned art work thoughts

I am always amazed and delighted with all the kinky art work available on tumblr and many other sites.
Would we not have loved to be Archie in this scenario in our youth?
always a thought many men have

How to make shopping more fun
Wouldn't it be delightful if you asked and she stated she would love to spank you?
Be certain to thank her afterwards
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

I often imagine how certain women would spank me. The plus size ladies, with their bigger thighs, are favorite.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

wonderful post. Archie seems to be really enjoying himself.

Baxter said...

I have had that thought, looking at certain women, imagining myself over their knee, being spanked. One woman that was the bus driver on my commuter bus had a fine looking lap and I think being over her knee would have been fun.

Njspank said...

Love that brush picture reminds me of home

Red said...

Marco: glad to know others think like me.
Arechedone: Archie has a wonderful reason to be happy
Baxter: I thought you would appreciate this post.
Ron home sweet home
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Hello Red, Love the third from the top! Rather than a peek I'd want to lick and lick and lick....front and rear!!! A great way to thank her for putting some welts on your naughty little hiney!! Also ties in with your previous post about not getting an erection!! I'mean the tongue is always up to the task!! Thanks for all you wonderful blogging.... JayJay

Red said...

JayJay: you are welcome, and thanks for commenting. lick lick is always fabulous fun, but a little peek is deliciously naughty
bottoms up