Advice to newlyweds

you are very fortunate that you have the Internet to free you from many of the inhibitions that your parents, and your grandparents grew up with.

As you may/should know, Lelo makes vibrators and sex toys to increase your potential to have fabulous orgasms.
If you are reading this blog, you might be inclined to have a female lead relationship, interpreted however you both think it should be...
If you are looking at this blog, this might be an idea to help start your spanking life together
In many relationships, spankings were for fun, but as time passes, they also can be used for real to solve problems, either for him
 or for her
Try spankings! I wish we had used them from our firs tonight of marriage, with Cindy spanking me.
Have fun
and the occasional flash will make him certain tha the is the luckiest man in the world
and a man who is happy to go shopping with you

bottoms up


Baxter said...

just after we were married, I brought up the subject of spanking and she said no, that it was perverted. Well, about 12 or so years ago, she agreed to spank me and has since said that she wished she was not against it when we were first married as we could have had a lot of fun with it. Yeah but at least we are doing it now. I do think that a good spanking once in a while when we were first married would have done me a world of good and I might not have done some stupid things.

Anonymous said...

Shawn, our honeymoon started with how are life would be, with my wife in charge as we both agreed prior to our marriage. That first night she had me stand naked, hands at side and reminded me of the agreement. She then had me across her lap and the hairbrush a present from her mother, got my attention. The rest of the evening was great, the next morning,at breakfast, the waitress looked at me, so you were the one who got a spanking last night, been the talk. My wife explained and the waitress when she came back with the juice gave me a cushion and I thanked her. She added I hope it was bare and hairbrush or paddle, hairbrush a present from my mother my wife said and bare is the only way to properly give a spanking. The waitress looked at me and said you better be a good boy, your Mommy will give you a spanking.
Back in the room my wife looked at my bottom and I sat on her lap, hugged her tight and said I need spankings, she said she knew and will give spankings when needed. Let me put some cream on that will help, Thank You Mommy and I enjoyed her rubbing the cream on.

Anonymous said...

Susan, it was my wedding, and my now husband decided to go to far. That evening, thinking one thing, I told him how mad I was and it would be I wearing the pants in this family. He looked really cute, naked, erection, but once over my knee the little boy came out and came out strong. Standing afterwards, rubbing crying, limp, I asked if he understood and crying said he did. My little boy was good in bed that first night of our marriage, but now, no fun in bed if he has been a naughty little boy. Men look so cute after a spanking, you want to hug them and show them you really care, but my mother told me, wait, have him face the wall and think about what he did, there is time to console him, but must insure the spanking got his attention.

Anonymous said...

Joseph, looking at pictures on my wife's cell phone, came across a couple her and her girlfriend took while shopping, both showing their breast and smiling. Showing them to my wife she said it was all in fun, and I soon had her across my lap and spanking her bare bottom. I made her stand facing the wall and with her phone took a picture of her spanked red bottom. Her friend, single visiting a week or so later made a comment about the picture. I said so my wife showed you, she smiled and said sure. I looked at my wife and she said that is not the best part and her friend wanted a spanking also. My wife watched as I spanked her friend, bare bottom and then my wife took a picture. Not quite yet I said and soon my wife was getting another spanking for showing. I then had them both stand side by side displaying very red bottoms and took their picture. To insure they learned their lesson I had them undress, stand facing me with hands on head, a pout on their faces and took another.

Red said...

baxter: we never talked about it when married, and i wish I had.. Too late now, but great that we have had spanking in our life for the last 15 years

Shawn: a great way to start off a marriage... and a wonderful way to continue married life.

Susan: a wonderful way to live a married life, but I humbly suggest that if you go back to making love afterwards, it will be thrilling beyond your imagination. Try it.

Joseph: sounds delightful, if true, but could be a vidid imagination. How about you send me the photo of their bare spanked bottoms, and I can check it against any others on the internet to ascertain whether true or imaginative
bottoms up