adventurous tuesdays - SOAP

Any wandering through spanking sites will eventually lead one to the topic of the use of soap.
I believe that almost every spanking website has photos that show the main dominant person of the website using soap  in the mouth of a person that is also about to be spanked,
The idea is simply that the person has used foul language,

and the dirty words are being washed clean.
The submissiveness exists in opening your mouth  with the obvious result
The tongue actually being soaped depends on which pictures you are viewing
The best site I know of is
The question is::
(you can see more posts on this topic and a poll by clicking on the mouth soaping label at the bottom of this post.
Please do not leave comments referring to under 18 adventures with soap, as i simply will not publish those.
Having the soap bar in your mouth while being spanked!!!! YIKES
captioned art work is also popular
with so much F/F photos, time for a M/M gif
Amazingly, Clare Fonda has a scene doing this as the RECIPIENT

We have never tried this, but if Cindy thought it necessary, I would consensually agree ONCE! If Clare did it, so could I!

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kdpierre said...

I've had it used only twice as a sort of 'extra'. In each case the soap was used as a gag of sorts while I was spanked. My head was down and a towel on the floor under me caught the lathery drool. It was very unpleasant and definitely makes you feel thoroughly punished. The taste seems to linger all day and when coupled with a sore butt, is a strong reminder to behave.

(Keep in mind, if you decide to use soap DURING a spanking, you do run the risk of aspiration. That's why we used the head-down position to minimize this risk.)

Anonymous said...

Yes Indeed I have been mouth soaped!! The "bitch" word, The "F" word, and telling her a lie are the leading reasons why I get mouthy soaped during the spanking. The worst way is to have to keep the soap in my mouth while getting spanked. Over the years I have learned to watch my mouth but there are still times where she catches me in a lie and then it's a good hard spanking AND a mouth soaping for sure!! JayJay.

Anonymous said...

Soap? Isn't that a bit degrading? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Never had a soaping. she would rather punish by applying implements to my bottom.

Dan Mel said...

My wife washed my mouth with soap when I use bad language. She usually scrapes it on my teeth then rubs it on my tongue then over her knee for a spanking.

Red said...

Shawn: Yikes!!! thanks for sharing.

KDpierre; thanks for the warning, and bet you try to avoid a third occurrence.

JayJay: some men never learn, but I imiagine it would be better to say all men forget at times. Good luck in remembering.

anon: somewhat, but so is spanking if you think that way, or being rebuked publicly, or being given the cold shoulder... as long as it is consensual, and the person agrees with the fault and the punishment, then not degrading, just VERY EFFECTIVE.

archedone: as would Cindy

Dan: I would think that is safer than having the soap and suds in your mouth while being spanked. Thanks for sharing

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