A tribute to a Wolfe

Remember to read the ingredients of the candy you give out, and maybe next year purchase healthier treats for the trick or treaters.

Many people know about this blog, but I only recently discovered it.(earlier today). My inspiration for looking is that I had a few of his wonderful captioned spanking art, so started thinking how I could find more. Okay, so I am a little slow mentally, not having googled Dave Wolfe spanking art.
Wouldn't every man rather watch a woman being spanked than a commercial?
 Always delightful to see a woman's bare bottom being spanked, and I regularly suggest to our lady spankees to post a photo or two on their blog. Spankers and spankees come in all ages and all sizes, and very few if any of us are models in the fashion industry. Showing our spanked bottoms let's readers realize that we are normal everyday people.
Dave has fun ideas, and then draws the situation he has imagined.
A very suitable art for Halloween, but Dave has done many more
 So fall in line and visit his site, and leave a message thanking him for his fabulous art.
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Happy Halloween

What a lovely paddle, to give your bottom a Halloween theme..
now, how does that saying go.. is it torture or tease
no, is it trick or tease
Well, I am certain the first word is TRICK
I would love to meet a kinky female Darth Vader
Some of the above come from http://teasememylove.tumblr.com

Remember to have fun on halloween, but I should start discussing the candy given out earlier than today. Look at the ingredients: color dyes, Fructose glucose, and other CRAP! Try to purchase something that is healthier, like pure dairy milk chocolate or other little squares that contain real ingredients. We will be giving real potato chips, that are very small packages, and as we have few children in our neighborhood, and $1 ( or two $1) bills to each child. I know chips have salt, but better than chemicals, and a small bag has few chips.  Read the ingredients on variations of chips, and you would never eat them yourself, so don't give them to children.
And remmeber, on halloween, even supergirl can be spanked...
and for most of us, spank would be the treat...

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Strict Julie will be spanked (oops PADDLED)

One of the most erotic posts I have read in a very long time, including pictures, is the post you can read at:

I highly recommend it to you. There has already been more than 103 comments, so it is of interest to many people.

Being the gentleman that I am, and actually being in Buffalo next week, i have offered to  photograph the event for Julie, knowing full well that Cindy will follow Julie's spanking with my own, and most likely the hardest I have ever received.  However, mine would stop, before bruising or  blood, but it can be equally effective. In addition, it could be repeated many times during that week.
 strict Julie's unspanked bottom
Fantasy time: Strict Julie might agree, on condition that I return in the next month or two for a number of spankings from her to equate her spanking with mine, without the blood or bruising (which I hope do not occur). However, I doubt their is an extradition agreement between the USA and Canada, so i might be able to avoid returning.

The paddle awaits, a very cute and attractive bottom (not mine)
bottoms up Julie


does holding help

A common feature of spanking photos
is that the spanked person is holding their spanked bum
or creeping downward to their spanked bum
whereas everyone is familiar with the pose
and the expression, keep your hands away from your bottom (while the spanker smiles for the photo)
but you might see the spanker enjoying the warmth of your bottom while you stand with your hands in front
or it can be used to curtail your snacking habits after being spanked
My questions to you today are:

Are you permitted to hold your bottom after being spanked?


Does it give any comfort to your bottom after being spanked?

However, sometimes you may be permitted to hold your bottom, as your partner delights in how you dance around the room
 I can say undoubtedly that holding your bottom before you are spanked has no lessening of the spanking whatsoever

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spanked husband (Red)

We have been at home for a week, and no spankings had occurred for about two weeks or more. I had asked to be spanked to relieve tension of a foolish nature, but Cindy did not act on it immediately.

The next day, when Cindy had gone shopping, I placed the wooden bath brush on the spanking chair, and her spanking shoes in front of the chair.

When Cindy returned home, she went about her normal routine, but later called me to the bedroom. No lecture, and this gif is appropriate in demeanor.
" Move the spanking chair out into the middle of the room and bare your bottom!
I helped put Cindy's high heel black leather shoes on, as they raise her knees to keep me easily on her lap.

I stood beside Cindy and lowered my pants, but Cindy lowered my underwear.

" I guess someone must be needing this!" and Cindy started off with strong spanks, and I started instantly regretting the choice of that wooden bath brush. It had been a long time since it has been used, and I had forgotten how effective it is for spanking someone's bottom (MINE!!!). Cindy simply spanked away, with strong arm spanks, and plenty of them. I was owwing and yelping, with Cindy only pausing on two occasions to catch her breath, and ask if my arms and shoulders were okay.
(The above photo shows how my feet must have been dancing, but Cindy grasps the bath brush at the far end of the handle, making for a much longer arc and  harder spank with wrist action snapping it into your bottom, as shown by the woman in the photo sitting on a chair.)
Cindy has not spanked this strongly in quite sometime, but upon reflection, this is the type of strength she used when I received my three spankings outdoors on vacation. This spanking totally relieved any stress or tension, and simply focused me on how sore my bottom was becoming. This spanking may have developed a tear in one eye (it did actually).

When Cindy felt she had spanked me sufficiently, I was permitted to standup, where I promptly thanked her.

A look in the mirror showed a fire engine red bottom, with coverage including the top of the back of my thighs.
The love making that commenced shortly thereafter was absolutely amazing, and something that only spankers and spankees into spanking can understand.

The next morning, I was informed in very strong words that Cindy was unhappy how I leave kitchen cupboard doors ajar, and the next one she sees will have me immediately SPANKED!!!!! She stated she had already closed one door three times, and she would stop this behavior with spanking. A annoyed and frustrated Cindy is not someone to mess with, as those spankings are INTENSE, to put it mildly. (PS: I have closed that door carefully  since then.

On showering later that day, my bottom was a bright red after the shower, with the flushed red re-appearing. Two days since then, my bottom still reminds of the spanking, as I write this three days after the spanking. Wood makes a lasting impression.
In my youth, these are the type of spanking humor art that i| saw, with imagining that I would be spanking a beautiful woman. Little did I know that I would be the one being spanked strongly by a beautiful woman. (Cindy)
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adventurous tuesdays - SOAP

Any wandering through spanking sites will eventually lead one to the topic of the use of soap.
I believe that almost every spanking website has photos that show the main dominant person of the website using soap  in the mouth of a person that is also about to be spanked,
The idea is simply that the person has used foul language,

and the dirty words are being washed clean.
The submissiveness exists in opening your mouth  with the obvious result
The tongue actually being soaped depends on which pictures you are viewing
The best site I know of is
The question is::
(you can see more posts on this topic and a poll by clicking on the mouth soaping label at the bottom of this post.
Please do not leave comments referring to under 18 adventures with soap, as i simply will not publish those.
Having the soap bar in your mouth while being spanked!!!! YIKES
captioned art work is also popular
with so much F/F photos, time for a M/M gif
Amazingly, Clare Fonda has a scene doing this as the RECIPIENT

We have never tried this, but if Cindy thought it necessary, I would consensually agree ONCE! If Clare did it, so could I!

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a forest spanking

When on vacation, you take the opportunities to play more often than you do at home. No meals to cook, groceries to purchase, and none of the other myriad of things one does at home.

Vacation means less responsibility, and more time to relax and does things together.

While away, we went for a hike in the Van Damme State park, which has wonderful trees, a fern canyon following a creek, a pygmy forest, and hiking trails.  We did a loop of approximately four miles, with a lot of walking downhill, and then a shorter steeper route uphill back to the pygmy forest. Lots of redwoods, seclusion, and no one around  while we hiked.

I decided to break off a medium thin branch, and while walking proceeded to try to get the knots lessened where branches had been.

ADVICE WANTED: Do you carry a little penknife, or something to cut a switch when walking in a forest? What do you do when retrieving a switch to be used for a spanking? The branch I had had sharp protrusions, and we are only involved in no blood spankings.

It took a very long time for me to whittle away at the sharp parts with my nails as we walked.

After over an hour of walking, seemingly in the dense part of fern canyon, we took another break, and I suggested to Cindy that she could use this switch to give me a spanking. Cindy wondered if it was private enough, but I assured her it was, and that we had not met anyone while hiking.

Bare bottomed, bending over at the waist, Cindy did an admiral job with many strokes, so that my bottom did not have lines from each switch spank, but was red. This attests to so many spanks that the redness simply joined, as  opposed to when you have six lines from six well spaced cane strokes.

I certainly owwwed and yelped at times when some strokes were extra meaningful. I asked Cindy to take a picture or two, and she readily agreed. After the photos, i was told to get dressed, and I thanked her for the spanking.
(we needed to use the flash, so it lightened everything, including the redness on my bottom)

About twenty seconds later, as we started to walk, we met a young twenty-some woman walking towards us, who simply passed us going the opposite way, as we nodded to each other.

HAD SHE HEARD?   HAD SHE SEEN?????  Was she simply being DISCREET? No idea, we were either very fortuitous, or she was very discreet.

We walked along for another minute, to find that we had made it to the turnaround point, where one trail meets the second trail, but moreover, it meets a third main trail from the main entrance to the park. There were trucks parked there, and workmen were somewhere in the forest, possibly near-by. OOPS!!!

We immediately met a more elderly couple walking up this third trail to us....
Alesson to be learned, judge how long the hike will take, and make certain to spank halfway or so before you meet any other trails. When we thought we were in the depths of the forest, we were almost out at the main trail...

Love making that night was specially delicious, with a warm well spanked bottom to sit on during a delicious dinner with wine, prior to making love.
spankings outdoors are fabulous. Try it some time

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