The times they are a changing

Some old photos were delightful. Spanking scenes we grew up with
now have some men thinking differently
and these new situations have many women being very happy, as seen by the delightful smiles posing for a photo after having  spanked a man
just the thought that you can role play, and he is the naughty student to be spanked certainly shows how times have changed
so if you see that delightful smile of your wife, rest assured that she will delighted in spanking you for your transgressions.
and she will be effective
and even happier when she sees the results of her efforts
Occasionally, though she might need to be spanked, if she is willing
bottoms up


ronnie said...

Enjoyed these. Not seen the first one before. Thanks Red.


Njspank said...

Nice ones Red...it is amazing how spanking was in tv shows, movies, comics and the newspapers.

Baxter said...

funny how our wives tend to have smiles on their faces when they have a paddle in their hand and point to the table or bed for us to bend over.

Anonymous said...

times have changed and as one who is on the receiving end I'm glad they have. You have to love a woman that is happy when spanking her man and enjoys the view of his freshly spanked bottom.

Red said...

ronnie: my pleasure, you are welcome

Ron: yes, we grew up with spanking being the acceptable norm.

Baxter: Our wives have overcome being sorry for us, and know we both desire and accept being spanked, for pleasure and/or punishment.

archedone: so very true.. I am very grateful, as are many men

bottoms up