that moment of being bared

Some people are very imaginative
with humor, or inputting together composite photos, so if anyone knows who first made this, please send me the link.
The view of the spanker depends on the chair that they are sitting on, 
but a drop of the eyes has you fully exposed to the spanker.
So the questions are:

Do you bare your own bottom when requested?

If  your bottom is bared for you, are you facing the spanker?
facing away from the spanker.. you rarely see these type photos

or already over the knee or some object (chair, table, etc)? 
Rarely has Cindy ever started a spanking with my underwear up..., and almost always I am told to bare my bottom.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Most of the time R will bare me. Sometimes I'm told to bare myself. R will have me facing her with me wearing only panties. The panties are pulled down to my knees as she is scolding me then the spanking will begin. In our home usually the only thing I wear are panties and if she wants to give me a few playful swats she will tell me to pull them down and bend over. So far never had a witness I think I'd die of embarrassment, but what a way to go LOL.

ronnie said...

I much prefer P to take my knickers down during a spanking.


Anonymous said...

Shawn, Choice, what choice, my bottom is bared by my wife. Erection or not she could care less, it will go away once the spanking starts. I stand there getting scolded and she takes her time. I have been spanked also by mother-in-law, the same holds true with her. Spanked just out of the shower. My wife states it firmly, naughty little boys have no say.

Anonymous said...

Jacob, my mother-in-law insured her daughter addressed my attitude properly. His bottom is bared, he stands and waits, the scolding is next. My mother-in-law took her time in baring my bottom, enjoyed my erection, scolded me, once over her lap I soon was squirming, pleading. My bottom was stinging and on fire, only thing was my wife took her turn. I could care less I was showing all, I danced, rubbed, cried until told to stand before them. The rules were layed out and to this day I do as told when a spanking is coming.

kdpierre said...

I must present myself bared, or most often naked. For us it's symbolic of my obedience and willingness to submit.

Anonymous said...

Michael, I heard my girlfriend many times state that a spanking would do me good, nothing came of it. I have always wanted to be spanked and so a few days after she mentioned it I walked into the front room bare from the waist down, erect, this will stop you from spanking me I said pointing at my erection. I found out quickly it did not and between her hand and hairbrush I got my spanking and much more. Today she is my wife, she bares my bottom, does not matter where, camping, staying in a hotel, spankings happen then and there. She stated after that first spanking if I ever do that again I will not be sitting for days. I did so one other time, never again, I could not sit comfortable for several days and the redness took some time to go away.

Dan Mel said...

My wife usually takes down my pants and panties when being disciplined. There are a few times when she made me go fetch her paddle and told me to come back naked.

Anonymous said...

Robert, the 7th picture down could have been me after my girlfriend and now my wife caught me masturbating. She asked what I was thinking about and I said a spanking. I explained to her it was my deepest secret, she just smiled, watched as I cumed. Had me strip completely, the spanking I got was harder than I wanted, she was very good and she was very pleased as I danced around rubbing and crying afterwards. From that day on she used spankings to address my attitude and behavior, and she pulled down the pants and underpants. As for maturbating, that was saved for when I was very naughty and I was taken to the bathroom, she took off my clothes and I stood naked in the bathtub and masturbated as she watched. The spankings hurt more afterwards. My deepest secret was out being over her lap was now a part of my life.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

I am always naked. Besides, my erection cannot be missed as Lindsay spanks me.

Best wishes,


Pizza Paddle said...

It all depends on the spanking. If it's a "fun" spanking I wear my naughty boy undies, "white ones", and the spanking starts with a warm up over them before progressing to the bare. If I am being punished it depend where we are. If we are driving and I show the wrong sort of attitude, we pull over in a quiet spot, my pants and undies are taken down and I'm bent over the front of the car and spanked with a clothes brush. If at home or at a hotel I'm now told to go to the bed and lay down naked while my wife, has a coffee, showers or whatever she likes, before she gathers the paddle or brush, sits on my back and wallops my behind until I'm pleading he to stop. Any serious offences has me led to the bathroom, stripped naked, (either by her or by myself), told to masturbate, led to the bed after cumming, walloped red and purple and sent to the corner to think about it before bed.

Njspank said...

Most times we start over the underwear my kink but then off they come in all the above.

Love the post

Red said...

archedone: might be fun for someone else to know, stress being placed on the word MIGHT. Thanks for sharing.

Ronnie: Does ramp up the feelings of not being in control of what is about to happen.

Shawn: true, when about to be spanked, we have no say whatsoever, unless something is dangerous.

Jacob: agreed, we do as told when about to be spanked. Scolded, bared, bend over wherever we are told. Embarrassing if bared before others, but your mind becomes focused on your bottom, and you forget your exposure afterwards.

kdpierre: very true, we are showing our obedience and submission

micheal: thanks for sharing, you married a wonderful woman who keeps the marriage happy by problem solving with spankings.

Dan: seems like many wives like the power of baring the person's bottom for a spanking.

Robert: you are very fortunate that you have a wife who is willing to let you experience regularly your deepest desires, and uses them to create a happy marriage.

marco; naked can lead to many thrills after the spanking.

Pizza: Wow. Thanks for sharing, and glad it works for both your wife and you.

Ron: glad you liked the post

Hope everyone has a little more insight, and maybe a new idea in how to be spanked. Thanks for sharing
bottoms up