Sometimes there are droughts, and sometimes there are floods!

If you remember reading about my last spanking, you will remember that I could not find the cane or carpet beater. A few days ago I went looking, and found them in my normal extra careful hiding place, and showed them to Cindy. She thanked me for finding them, and requested I bare my bottom and bend over . What followed was ten significant licks with the cane, and then I was told to put them more accessible from now on. I agreed and thanked her for my spanking.

Yesterday, I was called  to the kitchen, where I was berated for spilling coffee grounds without cleaning up. There were a few (some) grains of ground coffee on the counter from when I made coffee, and unfortunately some on the floor.

Cindy informed me to go stand in the corner and she will deal with me in a little while. While standing there, she stated I should lower my pants and underwear to the floor, to help me concentrate on what is about to happen. (The photo is NOT me, but facing the back yard, with no blinds hiding me.)

This is a first, and it did have an effect on being more submissive than normal. This was in the daytime, the blinds were often, but I was safely ensconced in the corner of the kitchen, where no one could see me except Cindy. It brought to mind many of my posts, where the man is standing in the corner while the woman answers the door. 

This did not happen, but I know Cindy is too shy to ever embarrass me like this.however, I have stated to her that she is in charge, and can do whatever she deems appropriate. Those words go through your head while standing in the corner bare bottomed, with your pants at your ankles.

Cindy eventually called me over, and had me bend over the counter. She then started spanking with the wooden food stirrer strongly. After a number of spanks, she paused to ask me a question, I replied, then she started spanking again. Another pause, another question, and then more spanks. Cindy must have asked five or six questions in before she was satisfied that I knew the correct answers to every spanking. (again, obviously not me NOR Cindy, but a counter is just perfect to bend on for a perfect level of your bottom to be spanked)

Good, so you understand!!!! NOW I CAN BEGIN YOUR SPANKING!

Cindy then proceeded to spank away with abandon, on an already red bottom, giving more non-stop
spanks than the total of all the ones before. I was definitely bouncing and squirming while staying in position.
When Cindy stated she was finished, I thanked her. Later the next day, the sex was mindbogglingly delicious. 

I just finished making coffee earlier, and I did it her way. No surprise there.
did you hear the debate
coffee anyone!!!
bottoms up


kdpierre said...

It sounds like there must be something in the air. Rosa gave me two separate spankings yesterday with the promise of a third later today.

Anonymous said...

Shawn, I stand facing the wall, bare or naked prior to a spanking on occasions that I have really messed up. Being seen by others, my wife said part of the punishment, she states we all have bottoms so nothing new. My wife strongly believes in spanking me over her lap, bottom in position, she is comfortable, can insure I do not move her target. I will be a total mess when done, I will be dancing around the room and I will be back facing the wall.

Anonymous said...

"I could not find the cane or carpet beater."

REALLY, Red? Sounds like a case of willful forgetfulness.

Cindy, you can cure Red's temporary amnesia in the future by simply mounting you paddle (or other suitable implement) on the kitchen wall. I say paddle, because they are easily written on so as to leave no doubt for its intended purpose (unlike a cane or hairbrush). Your paddle could say: "Red's Rear Reddener"; "Husband Trainer"; "Hubby Tamer"; "Cindy's Helper".

Carl H

Anonymous said...

Jacob, waiting for a spanking is the worse, my mother-in-law told my wife it is very effective. I have stood facing the wall bare from the waist down, naked. My wife has now added a long scolding as I stand before her, glad to have the spanking, even though she insures I dread the stinging and the warmth my bare bottom has afterwards. I always end up back from the wall no matter who might drop in. Facing the wall prior to a spanking, no time frame, one time I used a wrong word wanting the spanking to be done with, had my mouth washed out with soap and the spanking that followed had me pleading, begging, and talk about a spanking dance, she even mention that was the best yet. I stood facing the wall afterwords for over an hour, took that long to get my crying underscontrol.

Anonymous said...

Good to read.


Njspank said...

Amazing story. Our offspring gets married this weekend and the stress is killing me....I just sent a text begging for a sound spanking but not sure it will happen as she too nervous but am hoping

ronnie said...

Quite a spanking Cindy gave you.


Anonymous said...

Hope you and Cindy have a great vacation with lots of spanking for you. About 4 days ago I had my first kitchen spanking. I always dry the dishes and put them away. I goofed and put a bowl in the wrong place and she couldn't find it and called me. It was evening and I only had my panties on. I showed her where I put it and told her I was sorry. I'll show you sorry drop the panties and bend over the counter she said. I did and she opened a drawer and pulled out a rubber spatual and put it to good use getting many ouches and owes from me and a lot of bottom wiggling. after the spanking I was taken into the living room and put on knees and elbows so she could view the results of her spanking.

Anonymous said...

I posted here before but it didn't appear so I'll try again. A few days ago I received my first kitchen spanking bent over the counter. R always washes the dishes I dty them and put them away. She wanted to make some cookies and couldn't find her big bowl and called to me. As it was evening I only had on my panties. she asked where I put the big bowl and I showed her. it does not go there she said as she took it out. Sorry my mistake I said. Yes it is she said as she opened a drawer and took out a rubber spatula and said face the counter and pull your panties down and bend over. I did as she said and she applied the spatula to my bare bottom. Let me tell you those things sting. after about 50 spanks she said you can get up now and maybe the next time you will remember where it goes. I thanked her for correcting me and pulled my panties up over a sore bottom.

Red said...

kdpierre: sounds like more a clearing of the air, with annoyances being attended to.

Shawn; life as it should be, but, your wife will eventually learn that some other implements are impossible OTK, and you will be bent over the arm of a sofa or the table receiving a long tawse, wooden paddle, or the cane... Something to look forward to.

Carl: thanks for being a new person commenting. Are you spanked? Those are good ideas, with great names, but Cindy is too private to let anyone else know except a friend in Europe.

Jacob; bad words can be dealt with, specially if you are already standing naked from the waist down awaiting a spanking. Mouth soaping I am certain will cure that problem.

Marco; you are welcome

Ron; hope the wedding went well, and that you either received the spanking before the wedding, or afterwards, and hopefully both scenarios.

Ronnie: Cindy goes in phases, and this phase had quite a few significant spankings.

archedone: excellent. Glad your wife is branching out, using new implements in new places, and in new positions. Her deciding to change the routine is to be commended, and I hope you mention it to her a few times over the next month. Encouragement and praise will result in more on the spot spankings.

archedone; thanks for posting again. Sometimes it disappears, so better to re-post. Fifty spanks or so is significant and very commendable on your wife's part.

bottoms up