Should wives be spanked?????

You may have seen the cover to the magazine,
but have you read the article???? TODAY, you are in luck as you will soon see.

This is copied from the blog that I found it on:

"Ooh, boy, vintage magazine fans, you're in for a treat tonight. I admittedly began my hunt for this magazine based solely upon my curiosity about this salacious cover (purple, yellow, red and green -electric!) from Charles Overman (?) and was lucky enough to stumble upon a stunning little magazine. Sure the paper is pulpy and the content veering towards the titillating, but the design is just gorgeous. Printed with blue, red, and black inks and containing all sorts of cartoons, illustrations, and photos, this magazine has a very unique feel.

I think this was a one-shot publication but am unsure. The Aleister Crowley article promises more in the next issue, but I've seen no evidence of another issue (or really any information on this one for that matter).

But on to the issue at hand. Should wives be spanked? Mine gave me a cross look for the smirk on my face when I showed her this cross lass rubbin her bum and a-pouting, but the article inside, like many of the articles in this magazine, seems to take an approach different than you might expect. A peek into the sexual politics of 1939, yet the battle of the sexes rages on - perhaps there's some advice for the modern man in here as well. Or perhaps this line of thinking can get you in a lot of trouble with the Mrs. I'll go ahead and post the entire bit. The writer is Lawrence Gould, "Well Known Consulting Psychologist" who did some work for King Features. A google news search for "Lawrence Gould Psychologist" will lead you to some more of his opinions on the psychology of the day from the Milwakee Sentinel.

To lead the cover article, the cover artist returns for an encore. A quick web search didn't reveal anything about this Overman. I love the expression on the happy couples' faces."


if you click the link, you will see the article, and more of the magazine.

Interesting reading, as are some of the other articles if you click through the link to them. i would not try this logic on your wife, unless she has expressed a willingness and a desire to be spanked, and thus, as this blog's name, a CONSENSUAL SPANKING!
If you tried, it might end  up like this
where she warms you up wit her hand
then takes a small kitchen paddle as you begin to seriously regret your attempt to spank her
and then this fierce looking wooden paddle applied to make certain you never try this bad behavior again.
she might even say to you
and that ass GETS SPANKED!
bottoms up

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