We have finally moved into role playing with my being spanked. Instead of a maintenance spanking, or a requested spanking, or a well earned spanking for some misbehavior or omission in behavior (you will be spanked for....), or a play spanking.

A few days ago, Cindy declared that Mistress Cindy would be visiting, and I should go to the bedroom now, before she arrives.  I was also advised that she will want to see you wearing attractive underwear.

I eagerly went to the bedroom, stripped, and put on the panties that you see in the photos. Mistress Cindy arrived in the bedroom, and stated she had to change into work clothes, and i should not stare.

Mistress Cindy after changing into very sexy lingerie, proceeded to the closet and retrieved both tawses (the short and the long), and the leather metal studded heart shaped paddle. She looked at me and asked if I had the 100 dollar fee, and i readily stated yes.  I went to my dresser, and took a $100 bill out and gave it to her.

Mistress Cindy then ordered me to strip, so that she could see my attractive panties.(You are wearing PANTIES I assume!)

I replied with yes Dear, and was rebuked that I might call her Mistress or Madam, but never Dear!  Mistress Cindy then arranged the pillows on the bed, so that she was sitting upright, and then ordered me over her knees.

Mistress Cindy first patted my panties, and said how pretty they looked, and that you must have a very compassionate wife to accommodate such idiosyncrasies as wearing panties, and paying for someone to spank you. My response was how wonderful my wife was.

Well ,let's lower these and begin.... and the spanks from the short tawse rained down fast, hot and heavy. i was squirming in no time, and informed that this was unacceptable. yes Ma'am!  The spanking continued, and I was owwing and doing my best to stay in place.

Mistress Cindy took a brief pause, and questioned me about my behavior, and how it was necessary for her to spank me to encourage improvement. I was in a very agreeable mode with everything she stated. Mistress Cindy pushed my bottom up at times, to make the skin taut, so that she could give great attention to the crease where buttocks meet the tops of the legs, and also a number of strokes to the tops of the back of the legs.
Mistress Cindy then changed to the leather paddle, stating how wonderfully shaped it was, with this very nice little point to get into all sorts of places. The spanking began again with great effectiveness, and it was extremely hard not to squirm.

The spanking continued for much longer than Cindy's spankings, as Mistress Cindy stated : You do want to get your money's worth don't you?

During the next pause, Mistress Cindy asked if I was going to give her a positive review on my blog, and I affirmed that it would be a glowing report, like my bottom.

Announcing that this part of the spanking was completed, Mistress had me stand up, thank her, and then bend over for the long tawse. as it is too long to use OTK.

Many strong spanks followed, before she stated that my spanking was ended. Ass i stood up and stretched, she stated, NO! Bring me something wooden to end with.

i retrieved a wooden paddle, and back over her knee I went for a number of strong wooden spanks

When Mistress Cindy announced my spanking had ended, i was permitted to look in the mirror, and then told to put my panties on partway for some photos.

The pink of the panties pales to the redness of my bottom, and you can clearly see that the entire crack between my buttocks is flaming red.The leather shaped, and the ends of the tawse certainly danced between those cheeks.
She then informed me to put the panties on backwards, so everyone can see how pretty they look in the front, with the nylon pink and black lace.
When told the session was ended, I thanked Mistress Cindy for the strongest spanking that I had ever been given.

My bottom was sore for at least three days, pink on the second day, and showing quite a lot of red after my shower the next day. Cindy remarked how well my spanking must have been given, and I completely agreed with her!

Have you ever role played where your wife is a paid dominatrix sent to spank you?
bottoms up


kdpierre said...

Great new adventure! It's always exciting to try something new.

MRBILL said...

What a great idea! Acting in the role of paid dominatrix can give a wife the freedom to be much more strict in doling out the punishment than she might feel comfortable with as the loving wife.
Thank you so much for sharing.

otkloverjohn said...

Enjoyed your appointment with the "pro". Wife has dressed up like Mistress in leather, etc. but never played as pro. Will have to give that a try.

Anonymous said...

Wow! She really got into that crack with the paddle. Well done (ha!) by Mistress Cindy.


Njspank said...

That is an awesome idea. Great strict hard scene love it


Anonymous said...

I have not, but I sure as hell want to now. Well done, good sir.

Anonymous said...

we have done some role play but not as her being a paid pro. it sounds interesting and Mistress did a wonderful job on your bottom. Maybe I could suggest something like that to her. Most of our role play is a day long session where it's in panties some of the time and nude some of the time and she can do as she wishes to me any time or have me do any thing to her that she desires. usually on those days I end up sleeping on my stomach with a smile.

john said...

What would have happened if D gave mistress Cindy 100 Euro when you were visiting us. U duetspanking by two ladies?

Baxter said...

that was hot. I do refer to my wife as my dominatrix and she does get into that role. I got her a real good crop from Amazon and she loves to use it.

Michael M said...

We have played paid for domination many times and I actually have to pay her. We both enjoy it. We have done scenes in hotels and once at a friend's house when we were house sitting.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

great stuff, very erotic. Mmmmm....the paying part maybe something for my Lindsay, but I will be expecting a very severe spanking and dito orgasm.

Good show, Cindy!
But next time, make Red cum. He earned it!


Anonymous said...

Spankings began as my wife playing the role and doing a truly good job at that. It is when she did see a change in my behavior that the role play was no longer a role, it became real life. I accept, know I need it. The one part that did not change, I stand either naked or bare from the waist down before her, she is sitting, scolded, the hand is how she begins, once I start squirming it is the hairbrush and my feet are dancing and she sure enjoys me doing the spanking dance afterwards, she sits and smiles, and then sternly tells me to face the wall, hands at side. Jacob

Red said...

kdpierre: very true

Mr Bill: very true, and you are welcome

otkloverjohn; let us know the results when you and your wife try this

matt: very well done, and a picture is better than a thousand words to show this.

ron: you are welcome, and should try the same idea

anon: you are welcome

archedone: your method sounds delightful, but this is worth an experiment if you only have an hour or so, but want to play differently. Plus R gets extra spending cash. Note, our money is shared equally however either wants to spend it, but something delightful about spending this cash frivolously.

John: unfortunately, Cindy does not want to play with any other man, but that would have been a delightful experience. I will gently suggest, but know it will not happen.

Baxter: fun to know, and every new implement has its own thrills

Micheal: fun times I am certain

Marco; yours is to receive, not to expect in said situation

Jacob: sounds a delightful way to solve everyday problems in a marriage

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Jan wrote:
Saturday my husband spent his day in his maids uniform, nylons and high heels. I gave him a list of chores and he promised to have them complete when I got home. This is a common practice in our home and he actually loves to dress up. I left to go shopping and picked up my sister and went out for most of the day. When we got back the house was immaculate but he had to forgot the one bathroom. I lectured him on it and he pleaded to let off and would take are of it. Immediatley my sister asked to see him get spanked for his forgetfulness. I just laughed as Robin started to beg and went a got the hairbrush and handed it to Jane. With a gleeful laugh she took Robin by the ear led to a kitchen chair pulled him over her knee and gave him a truly sound spanking till he bawled like a spoiled little girl on his bare bottom. Jan
but accidently got removed

Red said...

Jan: fun consensual times at your house. Seems to me the bathroom was deliberately not cleaned.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Well, I do appreciate all the support and encouragement posted here. I worked hard and definitely received a positive review. However, it looks as though the experience will have to be repeated as Red actually had the nerve to ask me where that $100 bill is!
Mistress Cindy

Red said...

bottoms up