Mistress Cindy returns!

Very little time has elapsed since Mistress Cindy visited our home, but she made an appearance two days before we are leaving on vacation.

With very little time to write this post, she gave an excellent and thorough spanking. Out of nowhere, Mistress Cindy dressed provocatively in only panties and sexy bra, she immediately told me to go to  the bedroom.

I was then instructed to retrieve a pair of high heel shoes for her to wear, place the spanking   chair in the middle of the room, and retrieve the wooden small hand paddle/brush, and the tawse.
I was requested to put the shoes on Mistress Cindy's feet, then had my pants lowered, my bottom bared, and placed over her knees, with my erection warmly between her thighs.

The spanking was vigorous, and I was owwing and squirming a little in no time whatsoever, just from the brush.

After a short pause by Mistress Cindy, the short tawse was used to maximum effect, with many spanks to one cheek then the other, and many across both cheeks.
My bottom was quite on fire when Mistress Cindy stopped and stated I could get up. I stood up, and thanked Mistress Cindy for the spanking. Mistress Cindy left the room, and Cindy returned moments later, asking how my spanking was, and that I should realize that the Mistress is ready and on call at any time night or day.

The love making that followed was stupendous, far far superior to anything we did when first married or for the first 25 years. It is simply amazing.

Cindy truly enjoys spanking me, but also delegating a stronger spanking to Mistress Cindy. I truly enjoy being spanked.  (The flight tomorrow will give me reminders of this spanking)

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Shawn, my wife watching as I was being spanked by her mother learned that she can improve on, and keep me on my toes. The look and tone of her voice gets my attention quickly. Baring my bottom, scolding, all with that tone that reminds me of her mother. She added comments such as "a very naughty little boy", I must respond I have been.
Trust me our sex life is great, but spankings are not why.
Spankings are serious, true punishment, I in the beginning told her of my need, she understood, and so over the years she has improved. I'm erect, hasn't change, gone quickly, I still face the wall no matter who might drop in. My mother-in-law has taken me to the bedroom, does not believe in spanking in front of others, okay to come from the bedroom crying, rubbing, bare from the waist down to stand facing the wall. I've been spanked in hotels and just recently the day after a spanking, a pillow was on the chair for me and then after breakfast she informed my punishment was not over. I was given a bath, wore my pajamas the whole day, did house chores, in the afternoon I had enough and talked back to her, boy did I get spanked soundly and then my mouth washed out with soap for using a naughty word. Stood facing the wall with my bare bottom on display and when one of her girlfriends showed up, told her what was happening. Bottom line my life is where I wanted it to be and feel very strongly that with my wife in charge I'm better for it and think the women of this world should all step forward and make this a better world.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice one Red. I do, sometimes, wish my wife enjoyed spanking me that much. I am grateful though for such small mercies.

Happy Spankings


Anonymous said...

It's very fitting and proper for Mistress Cindy to pay you a visit prior to going on vacation. I'm sure any spanking on vacation will not match what Mistress did. Or....maybe I'm wrong and Mistress Cindy will pay you a visit.

Joe said...

Bravo Red you are a very lucky man.

Red said...

Shawn: thanks for the detail of your spanking relationship, and I agree that life would be better if more men were consensually spanked.

yorkie: Time might help in your spanking relationship getting more frequent and your wife enjoying it more. Ours has been about fifteen years now, so yours may progress over time.

archedone: none were as significant, but they were effective and significant

Joe: I am very lucky, and I know it.
bottoms up