m/f spanking tumblrs

I always enjoy seeing women being spanked, as I am very fond of both women and spanking.
The name is somewhat misleading, because few pictures involve the tawse

cheekyminx has some fun things
bottoms up


an English Rose said...

love Jan, xx

Baxter said...

I am with you Red. I enjoy looking at women with red bottoms.

Anonymous said...

One has to love seeing their wife (girlfriend) with a well spanked bottom on display. Both cheeks a wonderful rosy red as she stands in the corner clenching to ease the wonderful sting.

Njspank said...

Great stuff thanks

Anonymous said...

I enjoy my wife spanking dance, she is so cute, crying, rubbing, and I just sit and enjoy it. The best was out camping and she ran to the creek cursing me, I asked if the cool water helped, she said yes, it was when she got out she got a wet bottom spanking for cursing me, lucky we had no one around, made her stand facing the tent. She admitted later she enjoyed it, bottom hurt more than normal, but enjoyed it. Stewart

Red said...

Jan: glad you liked it.. hope you are spanked soon.

Baxter: agreed

archedone: delightful I am certain

Ron: you are welcome

Stewart: as long as it is consensual, and her saying she enjoyed it makes that a certainty,then thanks for sharing such a wonderful time
bottoms up