make life interesting adventurous tuesdays

So, as a friend who passes by this blog occasionally (that means you), what have you done in the last twelve months to take you into unexplored territory.  Here are some suggestions for the ladies
1. Are you
2.  here's a thought
wow, would this make dinner at a restaurant exciting fun
maybe at an outdoor cafe, he will be enthralled
a reward for going grocery shopping
3. a little suggestion while out for dinner
will be delightful
and another reason for you to go commando for his loving response
So remember, embrace life
and ask if their is something you desire

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Stewart, a girlfriend of mine asked me to spank her on many occasions, I did not want to hurt her. It was when she was bathing nude in the backyard that I granted her wish, but she did not like be spanked in the backyard. A neighbor lady watched, encouraged me, when I finished my girlfriend was crying, rubbing and ran to the house. Asked how she liked that, she said a few choice words, the hairbrush talked after that. Her wishes are still be granted.

Anonymous said...

I think a woman flashing is sexy. Wish R would do that. and even groping under a table is fun. We both go commando at times but so far no groping has happened.

Red said...

anon; interesting story, thanks for sharing

archedone; encourage her when it is completely safe outdoors. Cindy was and still is reluctant, but agrees and I have wonderful topless or nude photos of her around the world. Take the initiative and do a little fondling when she is commando. Wish we had started this when first married, but those photos had to be developed by a company, unless you had a Polaroid camera.
bottoms up

Njspank said...

Love the last one

Anonymous said...

Keep doing new stuff, people. Keep the sex sexy!


Red said...

Ron: you are welcome

Marco; try new adventures is aa wonderful motto. Do not wait until you both are too old to try.
bottoms up