implements for your pleasure

The title was going to be implement of pleasure, but  a typo had me correcting,and this title seemed more appropriate.

Now you can imagine these two women using the implements
 or maybe these ladies

maybe three delightful implements
and three men using them on their wives
We purchase these delightful paddles

not because they might be used in the kitchen
and not to brush our hair
and really, what else could this brush be used for???
or this delectable loopy johnny
at lease this paddle declares its real intention
and we willing adopt a submissive position in which to be spanked
and spanked well
so, as much as we may dislike while the spanks descend
any consensual spankee desires to be spanked
so enjoy the selection you have purchased, and find a new one for Christmas...You now have three months time to purchase that special something to be spanked with! 
I wonder if I could purchase any of these.
bottoms up
bottoms up 


Anonymous said...

My wife pleasure is the best way to state it, not mine. Took her sometime to find the one she liked, judged them by the way I dance afterwards. Also she takes her time baring my bottom, if pulled from the shower I will feel the sting while she takes me to the bedroom or front room depending on what I did. It is worse than bees stinging when she finishes and my bare bottom is also very warm. Standing facing the wall afterwards, time varies, people drop in I stay facing the wall. The worse spanking of all was caught masturbating, she was not in the mood for a period of time and caught me in the bathroom. The spanking that followed was one I will always remember. A couple of weeks after that spanking, she had me kneel on a blanket in the frontroom and masturbate for her, I pleaded with her, no good, I did as told and that spanking told me never again and I no longer even think of it. Shawn

Anonymous said...

All of them delightful and provocative to a hapless spankee like myself. Sigh...


Anonymous said...

Jacob, crying, rubbing, dancing around the room, finally being told to face the wall, no rubbing, not wanting another trip over her lap, I do as told. Her instrument of choice gets my attention quickly. She carries it in her purse and in hotels with thin walls, out camping, and worse at my mother-in-law home it has been used. My mother-in-law has one of her own hanging in the kitchen, and yes she has used it, my wife enjoys watching. The only difference between my wife and mother-in-law is her spankings last longer and I must take off my pants and underpants and give them to her. She has less patience than her daughter and when she picks up the paddle I'm quickly taken off my pants and underpants hoping it will ease the spanking, it does not.

Baxter said...

We have a bread board paddle, a wooden spoon, a short riding crop and my wife makes good use of them.

Anonymous said...

Ha, we have 2 brushes, a horse whip and a cane.....The cane always get's the best of me. When I am ordered to count the ones that hurt, the cane get's me the fastest count.


Pizza Paddle said...

We have a collection of paddles and brushes, as my wife couldn't decide what she preferred. We have five paddles and four brushes. The worst paddle is the last one I made, (I make all our paddles), that was three quarters of an inch thick and about the size of a standard oblong shaped hair brush and I added a little to the handle length for her.

Anonymous said...

Even though I had had a first experience with a hairbrush and a strap wielded by an "older" woman when I was 18, N. (who didn't hear about this until later) first spanked me with her own hand when we started dating, but soon "graduated" to the hairbrush, the kitchen spoon, and - just before we were married - the martinet (the first purchased instrument). Other "tools" were added over time, such as the rattan cane (from her late grandmother's attic) or the washerwoman' paddle (from a fleamarket in SE France)... and, of couse, the switches she cut -and used! - when we went for a hike in the woods!
J., who had seen some of those "tools" being applied, nevertheless chose to build up her own collection (her own hairbrush, of course - a new martinet, and that "Italian bridle" she acquired five years ago). N's rattan cane is still in (occasional) use, and so is my own leather belt - not to mention the switches she cuts and uses when we are out in the woods (although she had never witnessed, but only heard about the way N. did it)
Another thing that J. learned from what she heard from N. is that I could be spanked or whipped in some semi-public locations (such as fitting rooms in a shopping mall, or - more frequently - in hotel rooms when on vacation!) and J., if anything, has been even more inclined to do so than N. was!


Anonymous said...

All of those implements look very effective and I'm betting both of the women know how to use all of them for the best effect. I know R sure knows how to use all that we have.

Red said...

Shawn: Something I did not know early in marriage, but a woman needs to orgasm every-time you both have sex. If you climax first, then be certain to orally bring her to climax. I think she might be more amiable for frequent sex, if you are loving, caring, doing things that please her, and assuring she always climaxes. Then your scenario will hopefully not repeat.

yorkie: very true

jacob: time to behave more often, specially at mother in laws.

baxter: we must be up to about 15 implements, with Cindy really enjoy the tawse, which is significantly effective.

marco; the cane is effective when used properly. You should invest in both tawses from Can-iac

pizza: the longer the handle, the stronger the spank. Imaginative man making his own implements to be spanked with.

L: thanks for a wonderful re-cap of your spanking adventures. I am regularly spanked in cruise ship cabins and hotel rooms.

archedone: R and Cindy both know how, but technique is and intensity increases with experience.
bottoms up

The Glenmore said...

My wife and I were visiting her parents and as the forecast called for snow she wanted us to leave early.
I was watching a big football game and insisted we stay until it was over.
By the time we packed up the kids to leave the snow was flying.
My wife was livid and the long ,white knuckled drive home did not help her demeanour.
Once the kids were safe in bed she got out the paddle for some well deserved discipline.
She really let me have it , venting her anger at me putting us all in danger.
With me naked and bent over the bed the phone rang.
My wife knew it was her Mother calling to make sure we made it home.
She spent some time on the phone describing the weather and our drive home as I waited ,ass on fire , for her to finish and resume the paddling.
I was anxiously hoping she would not tell her Mother she was paddling my bare butt!
She could not resist dropping a hint by saying something like ' don't worry mom...he's going to be sorry alright.
Then she put down the phone and resumed the paddling as if nothing had happened.
I don't know if my wife mentioned something to her mother later but when they stopped by a few days later my mother in law had a knowing smile and said she hoped my wife was not too hard on me.

Anonymous said...

Shawn, will take your advise, that spanking was the worse, what I did not mention was that instead of facing the wall I stood facing her, holding my penis with both hands, insured I would not be rubbing my bottom if she was not looking.

Njspank said...

No doubt after the fact our pleasure. What is it about the brush? Just seeing a picture makes me jump inside! Love the pics thanks

Anonymous said...

Ha! Yes, it sounds like your mother-in-law got the hint! If you walked past her and turned your head, you might catch her stealing a look at your butt to be ponder your punishment.


Anonymous said...

I got a bare ass paddling coming--I never argue---My wife puts up with a lot so she has every right to vent her anger on my bare butt once in a while---It sure hurts but I take it pretty well---I certainly never move or ask her to stop til she is finished----Only one absolute---no one lese ever knows Its just between the two of us---so no embarrassment or shaming---It hurts on my butt a lot--but but I take what I have coming---Could not do it if anyone else ever knew Other guys the same way?

Red said...

shawn; glad to know you are taking my advice. I wish I had received it before being married, or soon thereafter.
bottoms up

Red said...

The Glenmore: First, you must move into the electronic age, and remotely set-up your PVR to record the remainder of the game. Glad to know that you received the spanking you deserved, and I am quite certain your mother-in-law knows you are spanked. This is not a bad thing for a mother-in-law to know,.

Matt: agreed..

Ron; any spanking implement gives a thrill and a worry, both at the same time.

anon: I would not mind other people knowing I am spanked, but Cindy is too private. However, she holds the spanking implement, so on this matter she cetainly makes the decisions.

bottoms up