Happy Spankers

I am delighted when I find pictures on tumblr, captioned or not captioned

where the spanker is happy: This is delightful, as the woman is thrilled to be taking charge of the situation! The man is about to be well spanked for whatever he has done that deserves a spanking, and she will solve the problem. The man should be worrying!
the lady can have some delightful fun asking the man which implement should I use dear, because I told you that you would have some say in your spankings!!!
In the next photo, the woman is delighted to pose with a well spanked red bottomed male over her knee, knowing that she has accomplished her goal
but equally as wonderful is the woman smiling while spanking her man
this gif is delightful
The reason I enjoy these photos and gifs is that spanking should not be serious for the woman.
 She is in control of the situation
He is owwwing or howling, and the problem is being solved. No reason whatsoever for the woman to be sad. Cindy used to get more distressed when lecturing  while spanking, so we have solved this by the lecture is given first, then the spanking! This way she can be relaxed, and simply concentrate on making certain I have understood the message.

If her arm gets tired, she can pause and ask me why i am being spanked, how I am going to change this from happening again.. and then begin the spanking again refreshed.

so, a word to the spanker! HAVE FUN!!! while you solve a problem.. but he might not have as much fun!
bottoms up
And as the woman of the house stated: 


  1. Red we decided to play the C S game and he said ok the 4th of the Month we will take the 4th picture.....LOVE IT LOVE IT but darn I need to be spanked soon....Cheryl

  2. Some amazing pictures. Love them all. Thanks

  3. Cheryl: hope you had fun
    ron: you are welcome
    bottoms up

  4. Jacob, the 9th picture is me getting spanked by my wife. She wants me naked, and insures my feet are dancing. Once done she smiles while I dance around the room.

    1. JAcob: hope they modify behavior to make a happy marriage, and it is good that she is happy to have the opportunity to correct a problem
      bottoms up


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