Cindy spanks for real (and real fun)

We go through little droughts, and I tend to get anxious the longer it has been since I was spanked.

Do you have the same droughts and possibly the same feelings of anxiety? Some of my anxiety is simply that as much as I want to be spanked, i also feel anxious about the actual spanking. A dumb dilemma!

Yesterday solved all of my anxiety, becoming once again a well spanked and contented husband. I had stated a couple of days ago to Cindy that I needed to be spanked, and after stating that, the anxiety of being spanked set in.

Cindy stated that I think it is time I spank you!  A simple sentence! It certainly gets your heart beating a bit faster, and lately, my erection returns instantly on the immediacy of the spanking.

Cindy decided that she wanted me bent over the sofa, in the television room, and that I should get the long tawse, and the cane. I retrieved the long tawse, but could not find the cane or the carpet beater. We had a guest staying with us recently, so I thought I should put these in a safer place than normal, not that they would have ever been found where they were, but I have now forgotten where! I have always been forgetful, so now I will have do a search to find them.

Instead of the cane, it was decided to be the miniature hurley stick

Positioned at the end of the sofa, bending bare bottom over the back of the sofa, Cindy was really able to deliver long swinging hard strokes,. I was grimacing and yelping with many of the strokes, as Cindy spanked away with enthusiasm. I was soon up on my toes, unknowingly, as maybe this makes the bottom a tiny bit less stretched.

The previous time Cindy used this long tawse,it was not very effective. Now that Mistress Cindy has visited our house, this long tawse was VERY EFFECTIVE! Swung with a passion, the two fingers of the tawse separate, making two BITING strokes at the same time.

Cindy realized that the furthest cheek was receiving most of the spanking, so simply spanked the closest cheek for a while. This meant that the ends of the tawse were landing on the cheek or crack, causing me to dance and wriggle while maintaining my position.

There was a reason for the spanking, and Cindy explained it while taking little pauses in the spanking.
I can assure that the tawse was striking with much more force than in the following gif.
When Cindy stated that I could get up, i immediately thanked her, only to hear:

Oops, I forgot Miss Hurley, so lets just have you bend over again. Miss Hurley is wooden, and has arc capability, and really delivers a solid spank. She visited my bottom on the fattest part, giving significant spanks, while Cindy mentioned I think Danielle would be very happy that I am using this.

After maybe fifteen to twenty spanks, I was informed that the spanking was over. i again thanked Cindy,  and was permitted to look in the mirror, to see one part of my bottom a bright bright red. My bottom is still quite sore while I sit and type this posting more than 24 hours later.

We then hugged, kissed, and Cindy remarked about the only bad thing of spanking you is that your erection disappears. My response is that it is proof of your effectiveness in spanking me, but with encouragement,, it will arise once again.

We then moved from kissing to making love, and we both had the most excellent roaring orgasms. It is simply amazing that being over 60 (quite a bit), we have such amazing fantastic sex. This time was orally, where eventually Cindy concentrated on my orgasm,

We then french kissed, and Cindy shared my cum with her! I am quite used to it, and it tastes really nice. Think about it, if you want your partner to keep sucking and licking while you climax in her mouth, what is good for her to taste is equally good for you to taste. mixed with Cindy's .

Then I hungrily concentrated on her orgasm..
 Have fun. Be spanked often. Make love even more often!
bottoms up


Njspank said...

Yes we have major draughts in our spanking but we somehow find our way back. It is sometimes because of business or family travel but we usually find a way to get back to spanking.

Funny we are well over 60 and our sex after spanking. It rocks. Funny too I have many times been drenched with my cum as well as cleaning her out after I cum in her with my tonge. Again it rocks
Thanks great post

Anonymous said...

I can't say we have draughts as I'm spanked at least once a week I just don't know what day. And some weeks I get lucky and get two and even three spankings in a week. For spanking in the family room she prefers me bent over the sofa arm rest. She says I can kick my feet easier and she likes that. I feel being given my cum to consume is very erotic, and I also like it. she has different ways to have me consume it. if she gives me oral she will kiss me and give it to me. if she masturbates me I cum on my stomach and she will use her fingers to feed it to me. if we have intercourse she will straddle my head after and let me lick and suck it from her.

john said...

Yes, the touch of Miss Hurley is intense. Must have been ages ago I have been spanked with this implement.

Anonymous said...

We certainly have droughts. Most of the time I can deal with but I'm struggling this time. Although my dear wife must sense it as she suggested we could clear the kids off and have the house to ourselves. I am looking forward to it.

Happy spankings.


Joe said...

Get post Red you are a very lucky man man with a fantastic wife.

Red said...

Ron: you are welcome. Yes, sex has gotten magnificent since spanking has begun many years ago, and I love tasting my cum in Cindy's mouth or pussy.

archedone; if people only knew how kinky and happy we are. Sounds delightful.

John: Hopefully Danielle is feeling better soon, and can give you a good serving of Miss Hurley. We send our Love to both of you.

yorkie; We never did spanking until after all children were grown and left the house. Wish we had started earlier. Why not plan something for the kids that you and your wife would be free for a couple of hours. good luck

bottoms up