Audrey Knight spanks Abigail part two

Well, Stefan has very kindly sent me both the teaser and the actual clip, so today I will post the teaser.
Stefan wrote:
"Here is the trailer for part 2 of Abigail's Punishment spanking.  We have, in time, skipped over her bare bottom otk, and she is now going to get a strapping.  I think the severity is in your comfort zone and there is a great deal of caring visible to the eye.

I'm attaching the trailer and sending you a link to the vid: 6:20.

     It is a punishment, but Abi ends up with a pink butt not a raw one, and it's administered with a great deal of care and some very effective scolding.

     Again, this was a punishment Abi asked for.  She felt her life was floundering.  It was.  And after, it wasn't.  So, that's a touchdown for a spanking in my book!  :-)  I hope you like it.

I agree with Stef, that this is a very strong spanking, but within my comfort zone. You have to be the judge if it is within your comfort zone!

In addition, Cindy and I have grown in spanking, where my spankings are more intense, at my request. A stronger spanking more significantly impacts how i behave and what I do, for both of our benefit. Scolding can work with a spanking, if done properly. (I know what I mean, but it is very hard to put into words, and will save it for another post.)

So, yesterday you saw a young Audrey being spanked severely, by someone I might venture to say with sadistic purposes. Today's video has a spanking administered with care, and a much more effective result. Yesterday was a spanking for the audience and to make a profit. Giving this away free at the moment, certainly removes any idea of profit.

Stefan has given me permission to post the entire video, so I will do that in a few days
Here is a link to the first part that I posted previously


and alink to their tumblr site

bottoms up


Njspank said...

While many of their work is way beyond my zone I thought the OTK brush spanking was well done and something within my tastes. Plus there was a long panty brushing which I love. I find in their work with Abigail it is all well done and very tasteful and great watched. They have one in their stock around Abi asking for a stress relief spanking...it is an amazing spanking scene and severe but wonderful.
Thanks to all for sharing

Michael M said...

Thanks for the link. Good work.

Red said...

Ron: you are welcome. I agree that this spanking although very strong,is done well, with lots of pauses, so that the spanking sinks in.

michael; you are welcome
bottoms up