adventurous tuesdays sharing your cum

As you travel from tumblr site to tumblr site, many possibly new ideas come to mind.
Men have always wanted a woman to suck and lick them to orgasm
but way back when (in my distant past), the thought of Cindy having me taste my cum was simply bizarre. Originally when we were first dating, and then married, Cindy would never permit me to orgasm into her mouth...

As time passed, Cindy became familiar and comfortable with my climaxing in her mouth, , and became accepting and then very happy (thrilled) to have me climax in her mouth..

Now, this next caption about says it all in our relationship
and i have  come to like it... Let's face it, if a woman can swallow it, so can a man..
When Cindy climaxes from my orally pleasing her, I then french kiss her sharing her nectar... so why not the same after I have climaxed...  and it goes without saying
this might be what the modern dominant young woman might be saying
Modern panties

Have you ever tasted your cum?  ( i think most men have)

Does your wife have you lick the cum off her if she lets you cum on her?

Does your wife french kiss you after giving you a blowjob?

Do you lick your wife with your cum inside her?

How adventurous are you...

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MRBILL said...

We have a part time female led relationship, mostly just in the sexual aspects. It is not a rule, though I feel that it should be, but generally when I am allowed to cum, I lick my cum from her.
I very rarely cum in her mouth these days, I would be happy to have her kiss me and pass me my cum to eat.
As a submissive male, I want eating my cum to be a condition of my being allowed to orgasm.

Anonymous said...

We are pretty new to the whole FLR type thing. Right now, she makes me go down on her after I cum. We use it for getting me back into the right mindset after we have sex because 99% of the time I'm the one controlling the action during sex. It definitely puts me back into the submissive mindset.


Njspank said...

Ok I have always kissed and taken in my own cum after oral. Also I have done oral on her, cum inside her and then did oral again on her...love it.
Great post

realblueyes said...

Yes to all of the above. C really enjoys me going down on her after cumming inside her also kissing after she has me in her mouth. If you want to really please your woman this is the way! The first few times I was a bit reluctant but her desire was enough to convince me as was the threat of a serious spanking if I refused. A spanking after orgasm is very painful!

Anonymous said...

I have to say yes to all the pics. From the start she always swallowed when I came in her mouth. It was me that started the rest. After sucking me one evening and me shooting onto my stomach I asked her to give me some. She had a strange look but did put some on her finger and I sucked it off. Later we talked about it and I told her she swallows my cum and she has sucked me after being in her so she tastes her own juices why should it be different for me. She now enjoys me cleaning her up and feeding me my cum and I love it.

Red said...

mr bill : sounds delightful, thanks for sharing

bryan: interesting twist.. try letting her be in charge during sex, it is also amazing...

Ron: I think it should be natural, and a regular habit.. it is organic

realblueeyes: it is fun, tasty, and very very loving to french kiss after you have climaxed orally in her mouth.

archedone: absolutely delightful, for couples who are comfortable in being open and not stereotyped by society

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