A trip to the woodshed

A tale from olden times, when this might have been a regular occurrence, but nowadays, no woodsheds exist in most people's home...
The worried look, awaiting her husband to arrive home, and take her to the woodshed for her behavior, as he stated in his one word text... WOODSHED!
 Somewhat younger than her husband, she had liked his old-fashioned ideas of chivalry and good taste
Accepting that she needed to be spanked when she misbehaved
did not make it any easier to lower her pants
and panties to be spanked
The strap that he kept in the woodshed was frightful
and he always used it very very efffectively
such that sitting later would need a pillow, if he permitted it
 That darn strap certainly makes me holler
 A fun selection of pictures for your entertainment... Nowadays, the same woodshed exists when you follow your partner upstairs to the bedroom to be spanked
or you see her coming downstairs to spank you
 or simply you are called to come visit her in another room, to discover her waiting to spank you!

bottoms up
and just like some woman marry older men, some women marry younger men, who also benefit from a  trip tot he woodshed!

What is your normal room to be spanked in?

Are you called to come to that room, 

lead to that room, 

or sent there to wait for your spanking?



Anonymous said...

Shawn, my woodshed is our bedroom, depending on how bad I've been determines how I will be spanked. Really bad I stand and wait, no time frame, when my wife finally arrives, I must undress quickly. Then it is over her lap and the hairbrush is doing all the talking. I then will be facing the wall in the kitchen or front room, no matter who might drop in. I have been spanked away from home, the worse being at my mother-in-law home. Was not spanked in private, done in the family room, she enjoyed the show, I was only bare from the waist down, stood facing the wall and said nothing.

Anonymous said...

Jacob, last picture, how I looked after my mother-in-law showed her daughter the way a bottom should look after a spanking. My mother-in-law uses the term Wood Shed, but that means where ever a spanking is given. In this case we were visiting and she waited until I stepped out of the shower. Firmly believes all spankings should be given naked, instills in them that they have been very naughty.

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, bedroom usually, mind you we do have a shed like that in the garden, everyone has them in England but not for spanking!!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

Dear Red, I usually spank Robin in the kitchen where the chairs at the table are perfect for administering a sound paddling but at certain times of day the bedroom always has a trusty hairbrush that really bring on the tears in my naughty little boy. Jan

Anonymous said...

I can think of a number of "non-normal" places where N. and J. have spanked or whipped me over the years...


Anonymous said...

We have two normal rooms. The bedroom and the family room. If it's the bedroom I get out the implements for her to choose from then wait striped to panties at my knees. If it's the family room I fetch the implements lay them out then again wait panties at my knees. Both places a scolding will take place first then I'm told the position to present my bottom in.

Njspank said...

Hey Red

Bedroom always. Spanking chair in the corner. All the above being sent to wait, marched up to the bedroom or called.
I once played with a lady who had a fairly roomy shed way in the back of her house. Her home is in the country so was marched out there a few time and spanked. Very hot.

Anonymous said...

No woodshed on our lot, but I am sure you remember the shed in that old farmhouse in the Abruzzi five years ago when you were introduced to the "Italian bridle" - which I save for special occasions :-)


Red said...

Shawn; your wife is very effective,and you should thank her often for keeping the marriage on a even keel where arguments are not necessary, as spankings cure the disagreements or disagreeable behavior.

Jan: bedroom for us also, unless on the spot in the kitchen. However, two days ago, Cindy stated standing over a chair, then decided it was bad for my back, so sofa was used instead in family room

Jan: paddle or hair brush certainly are effective.

L & J: variety of locations adds spice to the occasion, and keeps the spankee more aware that anywhere anytime is possible

Jacob: you have a great mother-in-law, that has shown her daughter a way to a happy marriage. being naked does make one more submissive and accepting your fate.

archedone; nice to know. Glad to know that your wife also varies the position you are spanked in, possibly determined by her choice of implements

Ron: all of the above sounds wonderful.. Sent to wait for a spanking, marched there or called to the room

thanks for sharing everybody who replied.
bottoms up

Pizza Paddle said...

Mainly our bedroom when home is the substitute for a woodshed. When my wife started spanking me it was over her knee on the bed, it then graduated to me laying on the bed with a pillow under me so she could get a better swing. Now days I am told to lay face down while she sits on my back and paddles my behind red raw, leaving me defenseless and unable to get up.

Wilson said...

Our garage is our woodshed.
When the wife has a problem with my behaviour, she simply says at some point during our meal,....when you are thru you may put your chair out to the garage !
She then tells me why, and, instructs me to fetch what will be used.

Red said...

pizza: progress is usually for the better. I am glad that your wife is controlling and deciding how you should be spanked, but hope she varies the technique in the bedroom, and progresses to outside the bedroom also.

Wilson; sounds a delightful way to solve a problem. How long has there been spanking in your relationship, and thanks for being a new person leaving comments
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Jacob, I agree I'm more submissive when naked,have learned also they both enjoy my dancing afterwards and admiring their work as I face the wall. Learned the hard way never to do as told after a spanking, my mother-in-law instilled that clearly, a second spanking with the hairbrush and a few days later able to sit somewhat comfortably.

Red said...

jacob; thanks for sharing. A second spanking immediately for misbehaving had to be really effective, so as never to have it repeated.
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

We have a one bedroom guest home in our back yard thank goodness we have a wooden fence around it when Janet my wife spanks me she takes me by the arm bare bottom from the waist down with the paddle and belt in her hand in there I am treated like a naughty young man ,she always makes me tell her why I am there after the spanking I am taken red bottomed back to the main house to the den where I have to stand in the corner ! Robert !

Red said...

Robert: thanks for being a new person to leave comments. Please describe more of your lifestyle as a spanked husband when you have the time, but no details of where you live if the names Robert and Janet are REAL.
bottoms up