wheel barrow position

Some might call this the diaper position,  but I prefer to use the terminology of wheel barrow.
It is practical for only the young
and sometimes might need a helping hand to stay in position

or for the young at heart who are very flexible
These two photos show the contrast beautifully of the lower bottom being spanked, or the upper part
Wrapping your arms around your knees keeps you securely in place
However, with a helping hand, you need to bite your lip to endure the strap that is being so effective
The hands behind the knees would work, and panties would provide modesty if it is desired
whereas spreading the legs a little allows the implement some interior cheeks to be spanked
whereas spread wide, thoughts arise to what else might be lightly spanked
men can keep their legs firmly closed for safety
but a helping thumb might be needed
it is an enjoyable view for someone to watch
and the spankee twisting and turning simply gives more access to the sides of the bottom cheeks
but the thought of two spankers is DAUNTING, to say the least
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bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Yes we did try that position or should I say R had me in that position. That was years ago when I was more limber. I think we used it 3 or 4 times after which I was told that R didn't care for that position so we gave it up. I will say with the cheeks stretched tight like that she does not have to give much effort for a good sting.

Anonymous said...

Shawn, only once my wife had me in this position. She had decided this might bring better results and she took me from getting out of the shower and had me lay on the bed and she insured I would not be moving, the hairbrush really stung, my cheeks were tight and no matter what I did I could not get away. She mentioned how much redder my bottom was and being wet did not help. I stood facing the wall in the kitchen for a long time, crying, and wanting to rub but knew I would get another spanking. Ask how I liked it and I said I did not, good she said, this will not be the last time. She has not used it since, but just thinking about it I find myself rubbing my bottom.

Njspank said...

No. Never was or given a dpanking in this position. I do not like it at all. Find it just unappealing. Oh well

Dan Mel said...

I was never spanked like in the last photo with 2 women holding me but I have been spanked with my legs pulled back and tied to the head board.

smuccatelli said...

Not to denigrate the lovely pictures (which are VERY revealing and enjoyable) but this is definitely NOT the "wheelbarrow" position, which is also VERY revealing but from a completely different angle. This one's called the "diaper" position for a reason. An obvious reason...

Enjoyed the pics though. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

no, not yet. But it's one that I'll add to in my 'to do' list.


Red said...

archedone; yes, I think that position is very effective, but it has to work for both the spanker and the spankee, and age is a factor.

shawn: you are lucky your wife does not read this blog. (PS: so am I)

Ron; great if spanking a womanb for the view, less so for a man being spanked.

Dan: YIKES!!!

smuccatelli: I know, but prefer never to use diaper mode, for any connection to children.. My blog, my names, just like my house, my wine, but you choose whichever you want...
Marco; be careful (OH! To be young again)
bottoms up

smuccatelli said...

Well, since you explain it THAT way... ;-)

Red said...

:) Red

Anonymous said...

Yes and I hate it. She uses it to remind me who's in charge and it's very humiliating, especially when my boy parts are exposed.

Red said...

anon; it certainly creates a desire on your part to keep your legs together to prevent an accidental spank to your boy parts. Every spanking i receive reminds me that Cindy is in charge
bottoms up