strong spanking

Their are many reasons why this was a very significant spanking I received.

To begin, it has been more than a month since I was last spanked, due to health issues, and being with family.

As one can well imagine, I most definitely been spanked more than once during that time, if all was in a normal situation!

In addition, I need (yes NEED) to be spanked regularly, as it relieves stress for both Cindy and myself, and sort of sets the world right again.

Lastly, I have D (http://drfsrc.tumblr.com/ ) to thank for making the spanking SIGNIFICANT, as i sent the following letter and captioned photos to Cindy, and she very soon after  receiving the email, spanked me
The email:  "I would appreciate this, today... it has been far too long.. Make it memorable

love  Red"

Cindy informed me that I should accompany her upstairs, and then stated that I should stand in the corner and await my spanking while she took a bath. Awaiting my requested fate, I was both nervous, and erect.
When Cindy finished her bath, she ordered me to keep facing the wall while she dressed, in what turned out to be very sexy lingerie.

When requested to turn around, I stated how beautiful Cindy was. She responded to me by saying, as you requested this spanking, you get to choose three implements!

Knowing that Cindy likes the heart shaped leather metal studded paddle, I chose it, the small tawse which is SO VERY EFFECTIVE, and the wooden hair brush.

Cindy seated herself on the spanking chair, and told me to undress! When naked, she requested I retrieve her high heel black leather shoes, as it raises her legs, making them look even more beautiful,
and makes it such that I am more stable over her knees.

When she lifted a foot for me tp put the shoe on, I first kissed, and then sucked her toes for a while, which she declared delightful. Shoe number one on, and then the same kissing and sucking of the toes on the second foot for some time, before she declared: Are you trying to delay your spanking, and the shoe was put on promptly.

Due to my shoulder problem, I was only over her knees for a few seconds, when it was decided we should move tot he bed. Cindy propped herself up at the bed board for support, and I was over her knees.

Cindy began with the heart shaped paddle, which she declared was symbolic of our love for each other, and then started slow and methodically spanking one cheek, then the other, alternating, with significant spanks. This devilish instrument works its way into your bottom crease with it's tip on every spank of the closest cheek.

After what was probably a few minutes, Cindy decided it was time to use the tawse! this was used with speed at times, and slowly, as i wriggled and owwed and did some foot dancing to her spanking tune. This was devilish on the far cheek, as when aimed there, it wrapped either onto the side of my cheek, or higher up or lower down my bottom. This is an implement that certainly catches your breath, and attention.

Cindy paused, and lectured for a bit,as she said she needed to have a little rest before continuing.

After her rest, she changed to the wooden hair brush, and remarked how this was probably the first implement she had ever used to spank me with. She made the spanks very memorable, even more than when first used so many years ago, when she was timid. No timidity NOW!

Cindy then paused, and asked how I felt she was doing, and to give her a number between one and ten , where ten is the most severe. I had sent a captioned photo a previous time, where it mentioned a numbering scenario to make certain the spanker achieved her goal.  Anything below five is a not very significant spanking, and anything above five means it is very intense, where ten is the maximum that the spankee thinks they might NEVER wish to have occur. Five means that it was a significant spanking!

I stated five, and Cindy replied that she was certain she could do much better.

Back came the leather metal studded paddle, with glancing blows making the metal studs even more painful, higher up the bottom tot he top, as with leather there is little chance of danger, but a great chance of painful spanks being well felt.

Then lower, with a flurry, and the crease below my bottom and the top of my legs were well spanked, and the tip delving close to real trouble between my legs. How's that? Easily a six or more...

Tawse time again, and wow was I moving and dancing and owwing as Cindy did a number of flurries of spanks before saying that she was finished spanking me.

Cindy was very pleased when she asked a number, and I stated 7.5  Actually, she was delighted, and stated at university this means HONORS. Thoughts of her trying to surpass this number means a sore bottom for days. (This has been written about five days later... This happened in the afternoon, and my bottom was still bright red at bed time, and pleasantly very pink the following morning, and sore for a couple of days. Whenever sitting for two days, I knew immediately that I had recently been spanked)
(photo was taken much later that day)
We then very leisurely necked, fondled, caressed, and slowly made AMAZING, FANTASTIC love! OUR ORGASMS WERE MAGNIFICENT!
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Don't you hate waiting for a spanking, my wife uses that method when I've been very naughty. She has me stand facing the wall in the front room, pulls down my pants and underpants and I stand there, it could be fifteen minutes (average) or longer. She scolds and mention how I look like a little boy who Mommy needs to spank for being naughty. The spanking is harder, I dance around the room crying and rubbing and then face the wall. I'm thankful my spankings are pretty much private. Shawn

Njspank said...

Oh man the waiting is the worse part.....wonderful session for you. Amazing couple thanks for sharing.

otkloverjohn said...

Ain't that the truth. Waiting with nose and toes in the corner knowing, or think you know, what is coming next. And the hardest part for me, is trying not to get physically excited because this just becomes an even harder punishment to make it go away, which it eventually does.

Anonymous said...

Great story Red!! Glad to hear that you got a good hard spanking! Nice pic of the sore bottom as well. Hope you learned a lesson.
I agree with the others, waiting for the spanking is a pain but not as much of a pain as the spanking. Ha Ha!!! :) JayJay

Anonymous said...

Waiting for a spanking is the worst, especially when you have to wait months...;)


Anonymous said...

A good, nice read. Makes me horny, reading it. Great stuff, Red. Good show from Cindy also, of course.


with a bit of luck, Wednesday could be my next spanking day.

Red said...

Shawn: waiting mostly causes an erection, that will be admired, and informed that it is such a waste that it is going to disappear unused. Definitely, corner time precedes a much stronger spanking.

Ron: you are welcome. Waiting is worrisome, but the spanking is itself more worrisome.

otkloverjohn: very true, but i can never will away an erection, but the spanking always eliminates it.

JayJay: we agree completely

Yorkie: that would be worse for certain..

Marco: hope Wednesday fulfills your desires.. maybe try sending a PRIVATE email with some of D's reasons to be spanked...
bottoms up