spanking thoughts for the day

Some days your fate is ordained
a reason to spank you is always available

and then: (but misspelled  you're late)

apology time
then meekly do as requested
spanking time has begun
bottoms up
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

It is always nice to have a reason to give a spanking to my husband and gosh as he gets older there are many. Messing with my collection of vintage books found him over my knee with my hairbrush in had. I even met him at the front door and that embarrassed him as I was in my heels and hose and short skirt he was so embarrassed but also excited....we had a session in the basement and a good day....ask him....Cheryl

Njspank said...

Great post thanks. We never need a reason but having one really makes it fun and interesting

Red said...

Cheryl: delightful to read... Glad it works for both of you... as Ron states below.. sometimes no reason is needed whatsoever..

Ron: very true
bottoms up