spanked to reduce stress

Spankings work to reduce my stress!!!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes I have to ask, and sometimes Cindy just realizes that my behavior is frantic, and that a spanking is needed to calm me.

Very recently, we had repairmen in the house, and that always elevates my anxiety levels.Cindy spoke to me privately and stated: " You need to be spanked", which really took me by surprise...

The comment did calm me down for a while, but the spanking could not be given, as the workmen were in the house all day, and we were exhausted that night.

Two days later, however, Cindy felt I had rested long enough, and that the promised spanking would be given.

Cindy felt that the spanking should be significant, as two days later I was still quite stressed. She had me get both the long and the short tawse, and then had me move the spanking chair out into the middle of the bedroom. She seated herself, and I obediently retrieved her spanking high heel leather shoes, as they raise her knees up significantly, and it makes my bottom to be well placed fo reasy spanking.

When asked, I bared my bottom and was immediately over her knee. No warm-up, just full throttle spanks with my feet starting to dance immediately. This spanking was going to be effective. Cindy varied speed, cheek to cheek, then only one cheek for a while, then the other. When spanking the closest cheek to her, the tawse pushes it's way into the crack of your bottom, as you can see from the photo shown. There is no white space between the cheeks.

After a few minutes, Cindy decided it was best to now move on to the long tawse. This is not appropriate nor effective for OTK, so I moved from over her knees to putting two pillows on the bed, and placing my bottom over the pillows for maximum exposure.

The long tawse worked its magic on my bottom, and I was owwwwing and squirming while staying in relative position

Cindy was very effective, in that she permitted it to wrap at times (OWWWW), visited the top of my bottom( a portion that is rarely spanked.. (that is until the last few spankings..hmmm this might become a regular feature when not using a wooden implement), and the top of my thighs below my bottom.

When I was permitted to stand, Cindy decided a few more choice spanks with me bent at the waist would finish the spanking nicely.  Wow! They were exceptionally effective.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and we hugged and kissed. No love making ensued until the next day, and it was amazing. My bottom was sore for three days, and Cindy asked me at least once each day how my bottom felt, I responded it was sore, and she smiled and stated :"That is what it should be  after a spanking"

PS: my stress was long gone1
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

interesting topic. Have you tried to use any other means to lower stress levels? Pain to reduce stress or does the stress build up mainly because of the prolonged time period between 2 spankings? It's like sex.....when I don't get orgasms over a certain point in time, I get stressed up. The cure is simple and lovely....


Anonymous said...

Shawn, my wife from the beginning knew part of my problem is my stress level, it was a spanking she gave me not for punishment, but wanted to see if it would calm me down, it did. We don't understand, neither of us, but at those times either she gets the hairbrush or I do, she always bares my bottom and the spanking is no different than if I was naughty. On a couple of occasions I have walked into the front room or kitchen depending where she is naked, hairbrush in hand, she smiles and points to her lap. I have a very understanding wife, that helps.

Anonymous said...

Jacob, question does your wife help a lot in picking the subjects for this blog? Reason I ask is when my wife realized a spanking was good for me, I no longer had a say so in how or when. Once she gave a couple I knew I was no longer in charge. So I just ask this since seldom you really hear what the female thinks.

Anonymous said...

My complements to Cindy. She is one of a kind, reads you like a book, and knows the answer to the problem. A good well spanked sore bottom for you. My last spanking two days ago was very well given. No I was not stressed or bad she just felt like spanking me and per our agreement I will consent to a spanking any time she wants to administer one and for whatever reason. This one started out with me bent over the sofa arm and her using the strop, then standing hands on the wall bottom arched out for the paddle then on to the bedroom on the bed with pillows under my hips and she used the belt to kiss my cheeks. I'm still a little tender today.

kdpierre said...

Yes. If one is predisposed to spanking, the elimination of stress is a very real benefit. It's all in the endorphins and adrenaline. I derive the same benefits myself.

Njspank said...

Great post.

I really love and need the stress reducing spankings...they are the best and the after care and loss of stress is amazing and hard to explain.

Unknown said...

I have a lady friend that spanks me when my stress level gets high. She knows it by the way i speak or just act. She always has me naked and starts the spanks standings up amd then hands on counter with a paddle and bath brush very sore , red and bruised when i get home

Red said...

Marco: I do not often get stressed, but occasionally it really builds, and Cindy stating I needed a spanking really helped to get me back to earth, instead of stressing. It worked, and when applied,a ll stress was gone.

Jacob: Cindy rarely looks at my blog, so her only influence is recorded in my spankings. you have to go to blogs written by a woman who spanks for that type of information.

archedone: Sounds like quite a bit beyond tender. Yes, whenever Cindy believes I need to be spanked, I AM SPANKED.

kdpierre; well stated, and many people (men and women feel the same relief and benefits

Ron;Nice to see others have the same benefits, stress gone, and many times glorious aftercare sex.

David: must be consensual to still be a friend. Glad it works for you both, but bruising is never a part of our spankings. you can get one hell of a burn, that lasts for days, without bruising.
bottoms up