sign of the times

We are shy, but not on tumblr or blogger, or WordPress, or many other sites...
Can you imagine walking into someone's house,  and seeing any of these displayed
With the above, and the next one, we know that at least the spanker enjoys them-self, and we know who that is...
A great topic starter if you have this on a door handle
but this adds additional interest...
and sending hearts to your wife, can be very enjoyable
of course, if your wife sends you a email with this message
you know she will deliver on her thought

Does anyone know what tumblrs you visit  PRIVATELY????
So, if you feel you need to be spanked, please feel free to copy and paste, then send one of these to your significant other!!!!

ask and you shall receive, and it is never wrong to ask politely for what you need
 Then display this on the door
because your request will soon be granted
bottoms up


kdpierre said...

We actually do have signs and artwork visible in the house that would only be ambiguous to a clueless person. No one has ever said anything negative. Some have made smiling commentary.

How secretly one wishes to live is a matter of choice. we choose to be fairly open. It's our house after all.

Baxter said...

my wife and I text each other about spankings. during the work week, it can turn a humdrum day in to one of excitement. we hide the paddles and crop when people come into the house

Anonymous said...

We have got this big pizza plate. One day, my sister-in-law did see it in the kitchen drawer. 'Oh, that's handy', she said. 'And not only for pizza's', I responded. I am pretty sure she got the hint.


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, I do have one of Minelle's spanking drawings on the bedroom wall. I take it down when the kids visit ( if I remember!), I am getting to the stage where I don't care who knows what we get up to, lol
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

Maybe your signs have started discussions for other couples.


Njspank said...

Nothing outward my bride is very shy about our play until we get stature then we'll ouch!


Dan Mel said...

My wife keeps a hair brush on the coffee table in the living room. I'm sure everyone thinks she brushes her hair with it unless they have a secret too.

Anonymous said...

There's bound to be some people who have thought's that's odd or out of place. Especially if they saw it on multiple visits to your house.


Anonymous said...

My daughter has a saying "too much information". What consenting adults do is their business. Would I mind if some knew she spanked me? Not really I love that she cares enough to correct me.

Red said...

kdpierre: not certain, do you have children? Wee would not want to embarrass them (too much information), and Cindy is shy. Maybe you could send photos of what you have visible

Matt: very true

Baxter: fun texts do spice up the day.. Surprise guests could also be interesting.

marco: probably a great hint, and sister-in-law may have confirmed the thought with your wife.

Jan: very adventurous, and maybe I might like to do it, but now there are grandchildren visiting...

Ron; how long have you been married? ...(belated congratulations)

Dan: I do that sometimes, and get a thrill when I walk in a room and see it.

Matt: very true

archedone: I totally agree
bottoms up