HAVE YOU EVER ASKED for a spanking

I know i do.....
It is very adventurous to ask outdoors
but standing like this with a spanking implement beside you,w hen you rpartner walks in the room might give that person the idea you would like to be spanked
however, a photo like this might suggest other things to a man besides spanking...

so be certain to be extremely obvious
and maybe even text him that you want to be spanked as soon as he gets home
however, if you were expecting a nice warm hand spanking, you might be surprised

men are unpredictable





kdpierre said...

Absolutely! There's nothing wrong with asking. Our partners are not mind readers and sometimes a hint or an outright request is simply the best way to go.

Anonymous said...

Yes, many times, but never these really bruising, severe types of "disciplinary" spankings you read about on the DWC site or other DD sites.

Anonymous said...

Indeed I have. Several times. As time passes the easier it is to ask.


David Grant said...

Yes many times , turned down a lot , but got a lot too from ladys

Anonymous said...

Let me count the times. This does not make sense but here goes. The first time I asked her to spank me I was on the shy side. She enjoyed the first spanking she gave me and after that she would suggest spanking me and of course she started the spanking to settle disagreements. so there was really no need to ask for spanking. But after we got into spanking and I would go to her because I felt the need for a spanking I was a little embarrassed and she noticed it. After asking about the third time and that spanking was over we had a talk and she said I was acting embarrassed when I asked to be spanked and she told me not to that there was no reason to be embarrassed that she will spank any time I feel the need.

Njspank said...

Without question all the time. Both verbally and via text. Love it and makes it so erotic to ask. Every once in a while I am made to ask for my spanking before I go over the knee.....amazing.

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, yes I have, he is very obliging too :)
love Jan, xx

Pizza Paddle said...

Yes. I have asked for a spanking, both for fun and deserved. Sometimes guilt builds for doing something naughty and I have to ask, then confess, strip and then a sting begins in my behind, aided by a beautiful wife with a heavy paddle or bath brush.
Sometimes the asking is me standing in a corner with white undies on, (the white means naughty).

Anonymous said...

It's great that she was open-minded, responsive to your needs, and empathic of your feeling about asking. A really great partner.

smuccatelli said...

Only in my fantasies. And, GREAT pics... ;-)

Red said...

kdpierre: I agree

anon; I agree, and although I like the DWC site, some of their spanking suggestions are too extreme for me, and never bruising or blood

Yorkie; very true. It is easier to ask, and Cindy is willing to acquiesce, but 6the spankings are always as intense

David: thanks for sharing

archedone; you have a very amazing wife (as do I)

matt: we agree

Ron delightful. thanks for sharing

Jan: lucky girl

Pizza: glad to know that so many others have asked to be spanked when needed

smuccatelli; you should ask sometime soon
bottoms up

Joe said...

Yes have asked to be spanked many times and received a few, one by hand and once by hand and leather paddle, asked for the belt but not yet. Hoping she will get into it more as time goes on. Thanks for the great blog Red.

Red said...

joe: you are welcome.. make certain you thank your partner by doing everything she would like, showing appreciation for her spanking you. do not say that is what you are doing, but she will soon come to realize she has a more wonderful partner, and that spankings improve the relationship
bottoms up

Baxter said...

yes I have asked my wife to give me a spanking and she said follow me and down to the lower back bedroom we went and she lit my bottom up very well.

Red said...

baxter: Great that your wife is so co-operative... as are many
bottoms up

David Grant said...

My lady friend enjoys spanking me and last night got the paddle and got switches across butt , left some good marks which i am totally fine with. She is coming over this weekend for more on me with paddle and switches.

Red said...

Have fun
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Shawn, when dating asked a couple of women and they said not into it. I was dating an older woman, she would joke about me needing a spanking. Instead of asking, I walked into the kitchen naked, she soon had me over her lap and it was great. Talking later I told her my desire, she understood and shortly afterwards introduced me to this girl my age who would become my wife. I no longer ask, she decides, yes I do the spanking dance afterwards.

Red said...

Shawn: you are a man who knew what he wanted! Glad you met a woman you love, and who loves you, and who also enjoys spanking you
bottoms up