adventurous Tuesdays - oral submissive and spanking

The topic found on some tumblrs is interesting, so i thought I might post a few pictures to whet your appetite.
 When a couple make love...
 TREAT  (or should I say EAT) your girl right is an awesome tee-shirt
but combining oral with SPANKING:
Ohhhh… You will know when I am getting close…I will spank you harder and faster, just like a jockey applying the whip as he approaches the finish line. (PS: I wish we had done this 30 years ago, when my back and body were this flexible.
or if you ever desire a threesome
She might even keep her dress on, while you are naked treating her deliciously
 This is very true! I would gladly do this whenever Cindy desires it...and fortunately, we do this often.
 always remember
I should offer this as a breakfast appetizer
She might take off her skirt, but you are naked

and in closing

Do you orally satisfy your partner?

Has anyone ever been spanked while licking your partner's pussy?

Has anyone ever been spanked while sucking their partner's cock?

bottoms up


mrbillsails said...

Many years ago, with the first girlfriend that I spanked, she sucked my cock while I spanked her. She told me, "when it feels good, spank me harder". Well I sure did right up to the moment I came in her mouth. I still remember that scene very fondly.
Nowadays it is much more likely that I am on the receiving end of a spanking or belt whipping from my wife. Much to my delight.
I love the photo of the man being paddled while providing pussy licking as she sits on his face. Don't know if my body is up to that either, but would love to try!

Anonymous said...

What should we call the position in picture #4? The Turned-over Wheelbarrow?


Njspank said...

I have not been dpanked while servicing but it is a staple of most scenes. After getting spanked I am usually made, happily, to service orally over thru and around her panty. Always continue until multiple orgasms for her the traditionally I get back over her lap for a closing hand spanking. Just love to lick her with a sore well spanked bottom.
Love it

Anonymous said...

Have never tried giving her oral as she spanks me sounds very erotic. she has hand spanked me while sucking on me, she says I shoot more when she is spanking me.
great post Red

Dan Mel said...

I have gotten spanked while eating my wife's pussy. It is very erotic. A couple of times I got by my sister in law while eating my wife's pussy.

Red said...

mr bill: thanks for sharing... I wold recommend that you will never be younger than you are today, so why not suggest it,even if only for a very short time... let us know what happens.

anon; how about the most delicious spanking you might ever receive.

Ron: my spankings most times leads to me orally giving Cindy an orgasm.

archedone: sounds delightful... glad you liked the post

Dan: WOW!!!

wish i had a picture to post of a man being spanked by a woman while he is eating her... I have seen them before, but not recently.. Anyone finds one, please send it to me for posting
bottoms up

smuccatelli said...

I hope I'm not shocking anyone by mentioning that it is NOT necessary to get spanked before you eat your lady's pussy...

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

looks like I am in your camp here, too.
Lindsay puts her hand at a certain place as I give her cunnilingus. The moment she get's really excited, she starts to stimulate me more.....very sexy.


Red said...

marco: a great time for any couple
One time Cindy had a screaming orgasm, and we had forgotten to close the windows, and afterwards while still on the bed resting, we could here the neighbors next door outside talking with friends. OOOPS!
bottoms up
bottoms up

Red said...

smuccatelli: for certain. I do it every time we make love, which is far more often than any spankings in this house.
Become a cunning linguist... is a goal for many people
bottoms up

smuccatelli said...

And vice versa, for the distaff side...

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

haha, I know what you mean. At the time I was still living alone in my appartment, my neighbour got a girlfriend. When they had sex, I could hear scream in ecstasy every time. She was also my type and I felt envy as I saw them together, haha.

Interesting point is that Lindsay likes to keep the blinds open (curtains down), as she spanks me. The fleshy sound of the paddle hitting my ass must be going through out the window, I am sure of it.

She's a bit kinky, my Lindsay.

Red said...

lucky man, and I am certain you know it.
bottoms up