spanking thoughts for the day

Some days your fate is ordained
a reason to spank you is always available

and then: (but misspelled  you're late)

apology time
then meekly do as requested
spanking time has begun
bottoms up
bottoms up


adeventurous tuesdays oral women

I do not consider oral as being adventurous, just something that most couples share a love for. So here are some fun sayings that can be involved with your wife or girlfriend orally pleasing you...
This is a given:
and thus, men will always say
rapture for both
and a wonderful thought for when you least expect it...
like on a country walk

just like pictures can give you ideas about spanking, oral pictures (kissing while looking at your partner)

a tongue does wonders
tongue and hand delight

or a finger
or two
do not forget the family jewels in your licking, sucking, and caressing..
or a gif
or two for fun thoughts...
for the submissive man, it is DELIGHTFUL 
Remember: Many women suck their partner's cock
because it makes them and their partner happy.
to them:
 The thought states it all 

but remember: no man EVER said...

So be certain to enjoy life
bottoms up


spanking sites you might like

Only occasionally do I post links to other tumblrs, as they appear to be endless when related to spanking.
Too bad we could not have a convention of people who have both spanking blogs, tumblrs, and WordPress sites.

For those into men being spanked, here are a few sites you might like to visit...
however, if you like photos that being out the submissive side of a  man, such as being naked in front of one or more clothed women
you will love the following site

My dilemma in posting links is that we do not approve of spanking children, but some sites show spanking of children.  Thus, I do scan for a few months worth of photos, but tumblrs change over time.
One spanking art site, that had lots of great stuff, also had one, which can only be interpreted as a group  rape! The woman is confronted by a number of young mid twenties men, she looks scared, it is outdoor in a city setting, and then you see her being spanked by them... ATROCIOUS!

 many men spanking men sites also exist, so I am posting a few of those also.
                                                                    (arizona spanker)

a change of pace... men mooning

remember, m/m sites have more things as part of the spanking scene.
bottoms up


sign of the times

We are shy, but not on tumblr or blogger, or WordPress, or many other sites...
Can you imagine walking into someone's house,  and seeing any of these displayed
With the above, and the next one, we know that at least the spanker enjoys them-self, and we know who that is...
A great topic starter if you have this on a door handle
but this adds additional interest...
and sending hearts to your wife, can be very enjoyable
of course, if your wife sends you a email with this message
you know she will deliver on her thought

Does anyone know what tumblrs you visit  PRIVATELY????
So, if you feel you need to be spanked, please feel free to copy and paste, then send one of these to your significant other!!!!

ask and you shall receive, and it is never wrong to ask politely for what you need
 Then display this on the door
because your request will soon be granted
bottoms up