why women spank men captions

So many websites offer sage advice: an the sagest is :
and every monday morning
One might even go so far as to say...
Some of these come from dsnaughtyboyspankingadventures.blogspot.com, but it has  unfortunately been removed, so hopefully it will return...
Some daughters may have learned to spank you from their mother...
or even from your mother
 and over time, your wife has learned the value of a wooden hair brush applied to your bottom
and your wife has deliberately chosen to show your little sister how she should guide any male she is serious about in her future
so, when you come home and see the brush by the door
 rest assured you will soon be over your wife's knees
and being well and truly spanked
your bottom when she finishes will be toasted
bottoms up


Baxter said...

great blog theme and great pictures

Anonymous said...

Hello Red, The seventh picture down hits home with me. My wife has two younger sisters and they have seen me get punished on many occasions. Very embarrassing indeed, especially when I break down and start to cry. JayJay

Njspank said...

Love them especially the Monday morning. That is sexy

Anonymous said...

I married an only daughter, mother divorced, strict. Learned from the beginning to treat her daughter properly, I failed at first. I found myself over the mother's lap on a few occasions and the hairbrush stinging and warming my bare bottom, I have since improved, my wife has learned the rewards of spankings and has carried on.

Anonymous said...

With grandparents raising their grandchildren, times have changed. When I got married, my mother-in-law a widow informed me there was no in-law in mother, she was my second mother. I have learned that my second mother will not hesitate to have a discussion with me in the bedroom for my behavior or attitude. The hairbrush speaks loud and clear, the walk from the bedroom to the frontroom, bare from the waist down, crying, not allowed to rub, told to face the wall and display my very red sore spanked bare bottom. She is very good at given spankings and once over her lap you will not get off until she feels she has addressed the problem.

Red said...

baxter and Ron: you are welcome

JayJay: at least it is in the family, not friends outside of the family

anon: sounds delightful, and a way to keep the marriage happy

anon: you will eventually learn to behave properly. until then, many sore red bottoms are in your future
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

D's Naughty Boy Spanking Adventures at Blogger was removed because of a Term of Service violation. At this point Blogger is refusing to release the content of my blog. D

My New home is :http://drfsrc.tumblr.com/

Red said...

D: sorry to hear this... it may happen to all of us sometime.. I will publicize new link
bottoms up

Red said...

unknown: only time will tell. find soemone you enjoy being with, and she enjoys being with you, ad spend far less time on the Internet.