how to use pillows

This set of fun spanking photos
shows some of the best methods
for using pillows on the bed
and the view is quite spectacular
the sequence
down go the pants
pillows at a perfect height
kneeling, but supported by pillows
a time of reflection
well done
how  are you positioned if you are spanked on the bed?
bottoms up


  1. I typically lay over a pile of pillows while my wife spanks me

  2. I am very used to those positions!
    love Jan, xx

  3. Depending on the effect she wants and what she wants to see. Mostly flat on the bed, some times pillows and sometimes bent over the end of the bed. All present my bottom at a good angle for her.

  4. I love having a lady over the pillows perfect for a belt or strap! I get the belt over the pillows. Also for either offers a lot of access to the post spanking fun!

  5. If spanked on the bed it's everything off, on my knees and elbows, with knees wide apart, and my head buried in a pillow. This gives complete exposure of everything, and no possibility of clenching the cheeks. I also think my wife really likes the view when I'm in this position.
    Another use of the pillow is for the after the spanking when my hiney is just too sore to sit on anything else. JayJay

  6. Although I'm rarely spanked on the bed, it's over pillows, usually with my manly parts in the up position, but, on occasion, clearly on display, adding to both the humiliation and the fear that the belt just might miss my cheeks!


  7. Baxter: it is quite common, specially when a belt or tawse or cane is used, or many other implements

    Jan: is it your favorite. It does give fond memories when you place your head on the pillow to go to sleep.

    archedone; different positions reinforces the concept that she decides, you submit

    Ron very true. (a great view when she is over the pillows

    JayJay: I have only needed a pillow to sit on a couple of times.. thanks for sharing

    Mark: that thought... yikes
    bottoms up


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