Cindy spanked

The day before we to leave on vacation, Cindy had quite a melt down due to stress. Her one main problem in life is STRESS, that is, besides me. (If I cause the stress, it is easily solved by her spanking me.)

Suffice to say, after the second meltdown, I promised I would spank her if she did not relax. The promise calmed her for maybe 20 minutes

Then another  over the top reaction, and U stated : "Time for your spanking". She said no, it will not be consensual, I do NOT want to be spanked. I reminded  her that once upon a time she volunteered to be spanked, twenty good spanks with a wooden hair brush, simply so she could read an electronic  book in the evening on a cruise, because the book would disappear the next day, on her library loan.

She reluctantly acquiesced!

Bare bottom, lying on the bed, a slow spanking, with some heavy breathing and sniffling tears, as she released all the stress and anxiety.
Two spanks, talk about how she needs to relax, another two, reaction as described above, pause, another two spanks..sniffling and sort of sobs, bottom barely red.

I then had Cindy place a pillow under herself, so that her bottom was more raised.
The last 14 spanks were given one at a time, where Cindy had to say something that makes our life so wonderful, then the next spank, another thing we are grateful for...

Our life is so amazingly fabulous that it is easy to make A VERY LONG LIST OF THINGS TO BE THANKFUL FOR.

Cindy has been almost completely stress free for the remainder of the day, and little problems have remained little.

SPANKINGS WORK FOR BOTH OF US.(Cindy's bottom was quite red in the area I spanked

bottoms up


Njspank said...

This is an amazing post thank you. It says it all about the spanking scene no better description.

an English Rose said...

Oh Bless, that is so sweet, retirement has given us a lot to be thankful for too
love Jan, xx

kdpierre said...

What a great slice of life story! These are the kinds of things the outside world doesn't understand about our lifestyle. They would hear 'spanking' and think something quite different from the love, tenderness, and ultimate effectiveness of what you described.

And it's interesting to see how 'switching' works for different couples. Some switching is egalitarian, other switching is more of an occasional act of therapy in the midst of a more one-sided overall dynamic. Again......great story.

Fondles said...

All's well that ends well... on a red bottom at least!

Anonymous said...

Ha, the day I spank my wife is the day I get a divorce, for sure.


Red said...

Ron; you are welcome

Jan: retirement is great, so much more time for spanking fun, and solving problems

kdpierre; very true.

Marco: never say never
bottoms up