Wheel barrow spanking

We have never tried this position, so I would love some feedback if any reader has ever tried it, whether as spanker or spankee!
this quote is so approriate!
This certainly exposes the inner cheeks to real punishment
This woman looks satisfied that she has made her point, and that you have understood it..
strong arms are needed by both, but specially the man
of course, she will not be able to maintain this pose for long, as the spanking heats up
oh, did I mention the view is SPECTACULAR!


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D's naughty boys adventures has moved

Blogger has removed D's blog, so he has moved on to tumblr
Here is the new link
The following captioned photos are from D's site
This is so very true for me
 a spanking does put relieve stress and put you in a better frame of mind

and remember
 your LAP dance partner is calling

good luck D with your new site

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Audrey Knight on Twitter

I received quite a while ago this email,but vacation and illness prevented me from advertising this new way of knowing about Audrey spanking someone.

Hi Red
      Thank you so very much.  Our Tumblr blog is going strong, and we thank you for referring your readers to it.  Tumblr, though, is a bit capricious in what it does and does not find acceptable.  So while we continue to post content there in the form of pics, gifs, and short videos, the best way to keep up with all the fun is actually to follow us on twitter:
        We are finding that Twitter allows us to have a lot of fun with our followers, including allowing them to see real life domestic discipline spankings in (almost) real time.  I can’t quite say where I know where it’s going, but, so far, a lot of our followers have had a good time getting to weigh in on punishments before they go down, or just getting a kick out of one of Audrey’s famous “You are on official notice for a punishment spanking in one hour texts.”  
         We’d be terribly grateful if it’s possible if you could add the Twitter address to the post.  If any of your followers have a Twitter account and want to send us a tweet, it’s simply @Spanking360.   I understand, though, that it’s a holiday weekend and you have some holiday fun planned, so please don’t worry if you can’t quite get to it this time around.

All of our best to you and Cindy,
STEF (My real name is actual Stepháne, but most of my friends either call me Stef or by my nickname, Rudepeeps, and I hope that you will too)

My father was always fond of saying call me anything but late for dinner! :-)

I am not on twitter, but maybe it is time. Their are just so many venues, and I always want to be certain that my spanking related activities, are never linked to my everyday accounts. 

but alas, don't expect to see Audrey being spanked, but that would be wonderful.... Stefan should get to work arranging this scenario..
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video of Clare being spanked

This is absolutely delightful. Clare is such a beautiful woman, who gives great spankings, but it is always enjoyable to see the spanker being spanked occasionally.


if you enjoyed the video, you can see the entire video at


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the secret to a happy marriage

This captioned photo works for many husbands and wives
Another way a woman might discover that her husband has a fantasy about spanking, besides a habit of searching for porn. This will lead to her spanking him, for HER BENEFIT, NOT HIS!
thus a woman should follow this idea
A husband needs your constant vigilance. His staring at any other woman deserves your attention
and even pretending to show his delight in this woman's beauty, or actually following through on a dare by the woman

my advice to you
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adventurous tuesdays: an outdoor spanking

I periodically come back to this topic, as it adds an additional thrill to being spanked.
It might happen on a secluded park bench, where the thought and worry of some one seeing you
gets lessened in your mind as your bottom is spanked
This treat of being spanked outdoors awaits both men and women. You might find yourself naked over your wife's lap at the back of your house.
or over her knee at the backyard pool
TRAVELING: So many options are possible:
Being bent over the hood of a car bare bottomed in a deserted parking lot
Remember, it only takes a moment to have him bare his bottom. and start to spank him... And in our society, cars driving by seeing a woman doing the spanking would not have people rushing to the defense of the man, whereas the reverse would give the impression of abuse

another road, another spanking this time bending a bit onto the trunk
a pick-up truck has a convenient place for you to bend over, and a man always wears a belt
and a pick-up truck has no preference as to who is being spanked
sometimes she really means you to feel the spanking
A stroll in the park might have you lowering your pants and panties when a suitable switch makes it's presence known
 A walk in the woods is almost asking to be spanked
but this is UNSAFE unless the woman has something underneath between the wood and her
This caption is so very true

and the question to you!!!!!


 I have been spanked outdoors, a few times! They were in public places with no one around! The spankings were short, but DELIGHTFUL.

A real life adventure  by a member of the group
Last Summer while on a trip out into the Pacific North West during a long day of driving my wife could tell I was getting antsy for an outdoor spanking. We had been talking a bit throughout the day about my spanking desires and I wondered if she would take advantage of my revelations. When we got near the coast into the deep wet forest she saw a logging road with the gate unlocked. She told me to get off the 2 lane highway and follow the gravel road for a distance. When she determined we were far enough from public or another car traveling on this remote road she told me to stop the car and get out. She also got out,reached into trunk and pulled out a leather belt from my suitcase then told me to start walking. She walked behind and delivered several smacks as we looked for a good place to wander off the road for more seclusion. Finding a suitable place she marched me deeper into the woods and found a long ago fallen old-growth tree. She then had me pull down my pants/underwear and lay over the tree trunk. It was then the real spanking started and continued uninterrupted in the deep woods. I recall it as a very good spanking.... .in awesome scenery!!!!. ..... but not a great one because she ended up hurting herself with the belt on each swing as it would catch her side or arm in the flailing of the leather. She stopped way too soon and even though we were in the deep forest not a suitable switch was to be found in the immediate vicinity and she worried we would be caught by a passing vehicle. I am happy to report she is getting much better with other belts and practice. I am also happy in hope for another outdoor spanking this summer in the PNW as we travel out there again.
I hope the author does not mind, as their is no personal information written, and it totally fits this post
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Home again

Our vacation was absolutely wonderful!
Many reasons for no spankings this past month, but those health issues were not severe, and did not lessen more than a little the fun of the vacation.
Those troubles are nearly behind me.
However, ahead of me awaits a little reconciliation of earned spankings, thus I might humorously say that troubles  are awaiting my behind.
I now know how to arrange the  pillows

have a smile... the good old days when you used your hand to indicate you were turning

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how to use pillows

This set of fun spanking photos
shows some of the best methods
for using pillows on the bed
and the view is quite spectacular
the sequence
down go the pants
pillows at a perfect height
kneeling, but supported by pillows
a time of reflection
well done
how  are you positioned if you are spanked on the bed?
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