Truly strong spanking for Red (strongest ever)

Beware what you wish for, it just might happen. This is an expression that Cindy sometimes states.

As one commenter wrote, the previous spanking was effectively strong, but I still held on to the fantasy that I was right, but the problem was solved. Well, due to overworking in the garden, I was really exhausted and somewhat overwhelmed. Cindy had suggested we hire someone, but el cheapo (me), thought it would be great exercise to do it myself.

Suffice is to say we had another blow-up loud voice affair, before going to sleep.The next day, things had not improved, so i asked Cindy to give me a REALLY EFFECTIVE SPANKING, not holding back. Cindy agreed.

Cindy seated herself on the spanking chair, while I obtained the wooden bath brush from the Vermont Country store (they no longer carry it, as maybe they had too many sales), and realized it's real intended use, and the short tawse.

Bare bottom OTK, Cindy applied the bath brush slowly, and intensely, snapping the wrist fro more speed, and bringing it downwards to my bottom with a purpose. Each spank caused an owww, and quickly my feet were dancing while she methodically spanked away. Visiting one cheek, then the other, then the back of the legs for awhile, then many in one spot. Cindy paused a couple of times to state: "are you holding your breath?, I need to hear you breathing!", then continued the spanking. This was the hardest Cindy has ever spanked me,  and during one pause, she reminded me that as much as she does not want to hurt me, this is what you asked for!

My bottom and back of the legs were on fire when she finally stopped, and placed the bath brush on the floor, and had me hand her to TAWSE which was beside my hands on the floor.

This tawse makes my feet dance, when used with average intensity from the first spank. It was now used with strength, on a terribly sore bottom. Fast hard spanks had my feet dancing, my vocal chords working, and my body squirming on Cindy's lap. Too many spanks were given for me to have counted, nor was my brain working, just absorbing the spanks.

The tawse wrapped at times, and other times it was connecting on the closest cheek only, thus the area between my cheeks was well spanked also.

When Cindy finally was satisfied that this was "AN EFFECTIVE SPANKING", I was permitted to stand, and immediately thanked her. I was permitted to look at my bottom, and due to the position over her knee, the top part of my bottom was still white.

This oversight was immediately corrected! Standing slightly bent over, Cindy rapidly gave full throttle spanks with the tawse at the upper area, which is normally a virgin spanking area, being rarely spanked. After eight or nine rapid spanks, I bounced forward losing my balance a little from the intensity of the spank. Back in position, the next was even worse, and again I stumbled forward.

At this point, Cindy decided that this was enough, and all was forgiven.
From these two photos, you can see that the spanking went below the crease where bottom meets legs, and also quite high up, that can only be spanked by  NOT USING WOOD!

My bottom was hot all evening, and still quite red the next day.

In using a scale from 1 to 10 where one is very mild, and 10 is the strongest spanking possible, i informed Cindy I thought this was an 8. I hope never to have to experience a 9 or 10, but if Cindy had continued with the short tawse for another dozen, this would have made it to a 10. They were astoundingly effective.

I can only imagine that if all the Tawse spanks were given with me standing, and with this strength and with the long tawse,Cindy would surmount the 10 classification.

I think I have found the easiest implement for Cindy to use effectively (the long tawse), and the best position (standing, slightly bent over or bending over some item like a table for support, that if Cindy wants to give a strong strong spanking, that will be the easiest way for her to accomplish the task.

All was well and no problems now exist. We have removed the stress, and will continue to have a wonderful life.

No loving making that day or the next, but today it was absolutely wonderful!

Spankings will probably be much more effective in our home.I am still feeling the spanking more than three days later, and earlier today when I came out of the shower, Cindy stated my bottom was PINK!!!!
truth for today
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

That was some firm spanking. I'll have to ask R if we can get a tawse I'd love to experience it. So you were being cheap and wanting to do something yourself kinda over did it. after she lit your bottom on fire are you going to take it easier or hire someone else? Did the spanking teach you anything except she knows how to use a tawse.

Baxter said...

Red, gardening is supposed to be relaxing. Maybe this spanking will help you understand to park your type A personality in the corner and go out and enjoy gardening. And aren't you retired so you have all the time in the world to put the garden together?

Joe said...

Red thanks for the story sounds like you truly got what you wanted and needed. Really enjoy your blog but this time seems a little over the top. Please take care.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

I think you feel relaxed bcause of the hormones that your body produces during the spanking. Dopamine. It's a natural drug that fights pain and is pretty addictive.

Best wishes,


john said...

Cindy has learned to do a hell of a job. Congratulations Cindy

Red said...

archedone; one slowly learns ones limits, and not trying to accomplish everything at once. Thus, I wills till do the gardening, but with a much easier timeline on myself.
Baxter: so very true, deadlines are a thing of the past.
Joe: not over the top, exactly what I needed. (but these type of spankings are rare, and this is the strongest, AT MY REQUEST, in over 12 years of spanking.
Marco; it certainly is addictive.
John: well stated.
bottoms up