red spanked again

Today had a wee tiff, which need not have happened. Cindy was tired, from a weights class in the morning, and then weeding in the hot sun and humidity. (Remember, that you always read my side of the story.)  i ran around on five messages, and came home putting some gardening supplies into the garage, and the tiff developed.
About twenty minutes later, when I came in the house and was about to take a shower, Cindy strode into the bedroom (I imagined I could see flames emanating from her), and told me get my leather belt for her, and then get on the bed, NOW!!!!
A few moments later, I was bare bottomed lying on the bed, and Cindy was spanking away with VIGOR using the large leather belt.

My bottom was soon on fire, and after maybe twenty or more strokes, Cindy stopped. Her anger had dissipated, and she stated I could get up. I still felt I was correct, and she was wrong, but the problem was solved, and I thanked her for the spanking.

Thus, we are once again smiling and enjoying life, with a spanking to set things straight.

a smile for today
 a truthful statement
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Now let's see....you got the strap 20 or more times and you still think that YOU are correct and Cindy is wrong.....Hmmmmm. That sounds like you"ll be getting another 20 or more pretty soon. Better sit down for a while while you still can. Ha Ha :) JayJay.

an English Rose said...

Oops, poor you. You really manage to press Cindy's buttons!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

Like in your house when R feels I need punishment then I accept it. I understand we are hearing "your" side of the story and there is always two sides. Maybe in this case Cindy was also a little wrong. I don't know why Cindy felt you were wrong but in our home we started something new about 2-3 months ago. R will tell me I'm going to be punished and to lay out the implement(s) of her choice and to strip. Just prior to getting into position she will tell me why I'm getting punished she will then listen to anything I have to say on my behalf. Then she will tell me the position and the spanking takes place. For me being naked and hearing what I did wrong helps me get my head in the right place and accept what is going to happen. Kinda like a naughty boy.

Njspank said...

Nice story and well earned meeting with the strap. Cindy is the best.
Thanks for sharing

Red said...

JayJay: so very true.. two days later... see my next post.

Jan: unfortunately yes, but it is the best way to relieve stress.

archedone: interesting to read.. You are informed what you did wrong, and thus know what behavior to modify in the future. Then you are SPANKED!

Ron: Cindy is the best,

thanks for the comments by everyone
bottoms up