Raised voice.. bottom spanked

I sometimes get anxious or frustrated, and respond by talking more forcefully. This might be due to the fact my hearing is not as clear as it once was, but still quite good.

It may also be a reaction to my years of officiating, where many times you have to project your voice  to be heard at a distance.

Cindy is fed-up with it, and has started her own method of curtailing this.

As all have already guessed, Cindy just now says "BARE YOUR BOTTOM", as she goes and picks up one of the wooden kitchen implement..
Bending over the kitchen counter, Cindy has learned to take her time, and make it a much more meaningful and effective spanking, so that I start to modify my ways.
This type of spanking seems to occur early in the morning, in the kitchen, when I am sometimes groggy and not fully  awake. I will have to re-think, and maybe take some time washing my face, and even shower, so that I am fully awake. I used to always shower first thing, shave, then go to breakfast, but that changed when I retired, as sometimes I might go to the gym, work in the garden, or other things that I would shower afterwards.
The spanking took a while! I was raising on my toes, and shifting position slightly with my bottom to maybe not have that spot spanked again. However, when the next spank landed, it was equally effective.

Slow learners get spanked often! 
The above statement also gets your ass bitten!
This also applies to when you get married!
bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Yes, raising your voice in the kitchen results in discipline more often than not. And with all those implements handy it can be a painful correction! Especially for slow learners!
Speaking of slow learners, I walked in to the kitchen yesterday evening and was scolded for not setting the table. My response was something like,"what the F___! I just came in, I was working in the yard all day, I didn't know that you wanted me to set the table!!! Damn!!!! You"ll never goes what happen next (LOL). Shirts off, pants and shorts down to the floor, stand up straight, hands on your head! 10 cracks on each cheek from the spencer paddle. An apology. 5 more cracks on each cheek to drive home my lesson, and I dress, set the table, and we have a nice dinner. The thing is, I'm still angry, and I pout, pout and, then I pout!! After dinner I get ear marched to the den, and it's shirts off, pants and shorts down to the floor again. This time I get bent over the back of the sofa for 40 cracks of the strap! After the strap she has me sit next to her, we hug we kiss, and I apologize again. I really did need a second spanking!
Amazing how a strict spanking can change my mood from grumpy to pleasant. I did the dishes with my sore bottom on display and we retired to the bedroom for the rest of the evening. We woke this morning, still naked from our romp last night. My behind still bears reminders of that licking this morning, but it was well worth it!! JayJay

Anonymous said...

Sometimes old habits are hard to break like a loud voice but a good spanking will remind one to watch the tone of the voice and the level. R uses the spoon quite often and it does get results.

Anonymous said...

How do you just switch from being wailed on with the strap to hugging and kissing on the couch? I would have been angry after the first session, and the second session. It amazes me how you guys can just switch from being harshly punished to being lovey-dovey like that. How do you do it?

Njspank said...

Love this post again so real. The wooden spoon is an evil little tool to use on our bottoms. Thanks

Baxter said...

I used to work for a company in which the culture was 'we are better than the rest' and that carried throughout everyone. I look back and see I treated my wife for shit and wish that she had been into spanking then as it would cleared up the issues and a well blistered bottom once in while could have kept me a better person.

Anonymous said...

I guess that's part of the "submissive male mystery". I also wonder how I can have an erection as I strip myself in preparation for discipline, knowing full well that the pain will have me deflated to a tiny little "weewee" as soon as she starts in with the hairbrush or the belt. Anyway, she kisses me to signify her love and that I've been forgiven. It works for us. The spankings are given out of love. JayJay

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding. I actually get the erection part. The thought of it is very exciting. However, at least from the description, it seemed like that spanking was given out of anger or as retribution for your pouting, not out of love.

At any rate, it is clearly part of the "submissive male mystery," as you say.

Red said...

JayJay: thanks for the wonderful description. The first spanking to me was given for rude behavior. The attitude after being spanked needed a second spanking. All ill feeling disappeared with the second spanking, and the love re-surfaced stronger than ever. Wonderful mske-up sex resulted. A win win scenario
bottoms up

Red said...

archedone: it is a habit that is easily dealt with. We never would have had a relationship begin with our wife if we had behaved like that when we were first dating.

Ron and needed regularly

Baxter: very true, spankings help keep us grounded and in love
bottoms up


I am still trying to convince my lover of all the positivity that can come from a good spanking. For one it shows that you care enough to take the miscreant over your knee and explain with an exclamation point what needs correcting. I have givin the key to the highway freely
Saying this is the way to my heart.
Alas,the message has fallen on deaf ears... So far....
A little voice keeps whispering "be careful what u wish for" and I smile a secret smile...