Cindy spanked

Occasionally, Cindy needs to be spanked.

Cindy gets uptight and stresses, then blows a fuse so to speak. Cindy is always somewhat uptight when we have guests for a dinner party, and somehow this one coming up got the better of her. We were purchasing things at Costco, a place she hates to go to. She becomes overwhelmed by crowds, and wants out of the store instantly. However, it was not crowded, but Cindy reacted negatively to everything we were going to purchase, and had agreed to before going.. The quantity of such and such is too big, too many cookies, why do you want that gooey dessert, etc... I blew a fuse at all this, and know that a spanking for this action awaits me in the future.

Later at home, Cindy did a melt down, eventually realized it, and told me to spank her, I refused! She was still too wound up, that a spanking would do no good, and possibly drive her stress even higher.

The next day was the party, and she had a minor meltdown again...

The day after the party, she had a meltdown with my wanting to do gardening instead of hiring someone to do it. We are financially fine, but I enjoy gardening, and it is something to keep me busy and active, versus searching spanking blogs and tumblrs of all varieties, and going to the gym.

Today, Cindy was somewhat grumpy again, and I stated I will take her advice and spank her. Cindy refused!

Later we talked, and I reminded her of our notch system, that if she thinks I am doing something she dislikes, simply say  the word "NOTCH", and I will immediately try to change whatever is happening. What if we are out in public where people can here, and I intend to spank you later for your action. My reply was simply to say "three notches".

Cindy later in the day stated that I could spank her. She was reticent, as we immediately went to the bedroom. I lectured her for a bit, but doubt if she was listening.  i made a production of unfastening her jeans, so she could step out of them, then slowly lowered her panties to have her over my knee.
Th is pphoto is NOT Cindy, but her expression was exactly like Cindy's expression...
I gave Cindy a slow spanking, first some spanks with my hand, a few with the hair brush, then back to my hand and rubbing(caressing) her bottom, helping her anxiety to lessen.
Then more spanks, some hard ones with the hand,, then easier but well felt with the hair brush, mixed in with the explanation that if she is stressed about something I was or was not doing then simply spank me, saving yourself from earning a spanking.
By the time I stopped, Cindy's bottom was a nice hot feeling, and a very rosy red color.

When Cindy stood up, i reminded her to thank me, which was done very reluctantly.
We then caressed, cuddled, moved to the bed, and we each had  very spectacular orgasms.
We do this also
What a delightful day!  Cindy has been much more relaxed ever since.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I was dating this wonderful girl, but her attitude was more spoiled than I wanted to be around. I finally gave her a spanking, which got her attention. She told her Mom and was told long overdue. I stopped dating her and lost track of her. It was a year or so later that of all people I was dating the mother, I found I enjoyed older women. We got along and she mentioned the spanking of her daughter, I said she needed it. She then asked if I would ever spank her, I looked and say I did not know. A couple of days later she stood at my door, naked when I opened it and smiled at me, naughty enough she said. Well I did properly spank her, she said not so hard and I did not listen. Dancing around the room crying and rubbing I had her face the wall. I finally had her stand before me, scolded her like a child, she said she was sorry, I accepted. She then began to kiss me and soon we were in bed.

Njspank said...

Wonderful relationship and terrific spanking you delivered. Well done. Being a switch while I cherish and need spankings I just love the feeling of giving a nice spanking like this one. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

The first time I spanked my girlfriend, she squirmed, kick called me names. When I finished she ran to the bathroom and I just sat there. It was when she returned, she was naked, rubbing, and with a pout on her face said sorry, I held her tight and she felt my bulge, undressing quickly we made love in the front room. Afterwards laying there she said spankings are a turn on for her, I smiled and said me to.

Anonymous said...

I love the first and last photos the best. Licking her clitoris soaking wet with your own cum, priceless!!! Great posting Red. JayJay

Baxter said...

Cindy got what she needed, for sure. My wife is the spanker for the most part, but she does enjoy once in a while being the spankee. I was able to put a nice red glow on her bottom the other day.

Fondles said...

I can't even count how many times i've had a pre-party meltdown that BIKSS had to give me spanking for to ease the stress. it really does help. a lot!

Anonymous said...

In a relationship each partner has to be able to "read" the other. You and Cindy do a wonderful job of that. You knew she needed a spanking but also knew one at that moment would not do any good. When the time was right you delivered and she accepted wonderful. as stated above I loved the last picture R has straddled me more than once after having sex.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

Thanks for sharing. Spanking my wife Lindsay.....nah, bad idea.

Red said...

anon 1: sounds like a fantasy. Please keep to reality.

Ron: I enjoy switching, when permitted to do so. you are welcome

anon2: spankings are a turn-on, but more to life and living with someone, so hope you both have many other things in common.

JayJay: you are welcome

Baxter: delightful to know, makes us so much alike, with wonderful gorgeous partners.

Fondles: it works for both of us, plus sometimes a pre-party spanking for me is needed before the party, so that I behave correctly, and never display boredom or annoyance.

archedone; very true, we are well suited and Cindy does accept a spanking when REALLY needed.

anon#5: never say never.. it might add a tiny little plus to a wonderful relationship, but NOT a hard spanking, just a get a little discomfort spanking.

anon#7 after reading, this was not consensual, so i removed the comment

bottoms up