switching part two

More photos to stimulate your imagination...
the resigned look as she chooses a switch

whereas this fine lady is trying to charm you into not giving her a spanking
or, in this photo, did she pick really prickly switches to switch you with, as the determined look means you are in trouble! 
You have been told to tie them together, bare your bottom , put pillows below your groin to raise your bottom, and WAIT
a single switch might be used
or multiple switches tied together
which ever method is used, your bottom will soon be fire engine red
 art from yesteryear shows a long tradition in chastisement
but, fortunately, the modern woman has a cane readily available, no matter what season.
keep smiling

bottoms up


summer time is switching time (part one)

The weather being warm in most parts of the world, this is the perfect time to send that special deserving someone out to cut a few switches to use on their bottom.
The question would be whether you have to go with your pants around your knees to fetch them
with only your panties on to protect your modesty and bottom
or are you sent bare bottomed with no pants whatsoever
Do you have to choose
and then ask if this would be acceptable
then bare your bottom immediately
or have the first leaves grown on the switch, and thus you must prepare them first
 that looks like a truly sturdy switch
all is ready 
bext always to take your punishment when offered, it will only be worst later.
bottoms up


first or second

Fantasy Tuesday :
If you knew that both you and your friend were about to be spanked, which would you prefer
watching, you see the spanking, see your friend reacting, an know what will happen to you shortly
then it is your turn to lower your pants and underwear
knowing your friend is watching, and knowing a lot more spanking is in your immediate future
It might even be more frightening, if you have been informed that after you have both been hand spanked, the hair brush will be used, so you are standing, awaiting your next spanking.
thus, do you want to be spanked first
 or await?
might this man's reaction cause yo to wish you were first and your spanking would be done sooner...
choices: if you were int his situation, you would not be given the choice
bottoms up


Spanking thoughts for the day

Possibly, a man is careless DELIBERATELY

and when it finally happens later, you LEARN the reality that spankings hurt
she might ponder these words about your situation
Just consider yourself lucky that it happens, and doubly lucky if she enjoys spanking you, like this woman is enjoying the task...
and remember...
smile, imagine if you did this, and the spanking you would get when you get home! (your wife might even announce to the waitress that she intends to spank you as soon as we are home, and then add " he gets spanked regularly! Is that not correct, husband, or would you like to add lieing to your punishment.
bottoms up



the view

A little fun collection of implements that will catch your attention
The belt is all you see
determination, and definite intimidation
 You are no longer looking at her eyes, and soon the bath brush will  get your real attention
waiting patiently for you to undress
your words will mostly be grunts and owwws
and now the party begins
your feet will dance
and your wife will smile
 but slowly you will learn how to be a better person
bottoms up


Raised voice.. bottom spanked

I sometimes get anxious or frustrated, and respond by talking more forcefully. This might be due to the fact my hearing is not as clear as it once was, but still quite good.

It may also be a reaction to my years of officiating, where many times you have to project your voice  to be heard at a distance.

Cindy is fed-up with it, and has started her own method of curtailing this.

As all have already guessed, Cindy just now says "BARE YOUR BOTTOM", as she goes and picks up one of the wooden kitchen implement..
Bending over the kitchen counter, Cindy has learned to take her time, and make it a much more meaningful and effective spanking, so that I start to modify my ways.
This type of spanking seems to occur early in the morning, in the kitchen, when I am sometimes groggy and not fully  awake. I will have to re-think, and maybe take some time washing my face, and even shower, so that I am fully awake. I used to always shower first thing, shave, then go to breakfast, but that changed when I retired, as sometimes I might go to the gym, work in the garden, or other things that I would shower afterwards.
The spanking took a while! I was raising on my toes, and shifting position slightly with my bottom to maybe not have that spot spanked again. However, when the next spank landed, it was equally effective.

Slow learners get spanked often! 
The above statement also gets your ass bitten!
This also applies to when you get married!
bottoms up