spanking begins again

Now that we are home from vacation, I was quite feeling the need to be spanked. It is a  craving, a desire within me. I imagine many people reading this blog have similar feelings. It is addictive, and can be promoted by writing or reading about spankings, seeing spanking photos or art, or captioned photos where the caption clearly states a spanking is forthcoming in your future. Obviously, many more people are interested in spanking than we would think, with so so many blogs, tumblrs, pay sites and myriad other items

Are you similarly INCLINED?

Cindy goes through phases of spanking frequently, then not at all for a while. Being back three full days, and no spanking in sight, even though I had suggested it, I decided to request a spanking in a more provocative way.
While Cindy was taking a shower, I positioned myself on our bed, naked, with three pillows under my waist raising my bottom, and the long TAWSE  on my back.
Cindy came in the bedroom after her shower, wrapped in a towel. She may have been slightly surprised, but stated I would have to wait until after she had dried her hair and herself. She also questioned whether this was a good position for a man with a bad back that acts up at times.

I agreed, and waited by sitting up and reading a book. When Cindy re-entered the room, I promptly went back over the pillows.

Cindy picked up the tawse and used it well, wit my feet dancing almost immediately. (Aside: Yes, Ronnie, it does have a significant BITE!)  Cindy however, paused, and re-stated about my back, and I agreed that this was for a younger person.

Cindy moved to the spanking chair, whereas I retrieved the shorter tawse, and the leather heart shaped studded  paddle, and Cindy's black leather high heel shoes.

As I have stated before, the shoes raise her knees, and brings them to a perfect level for my hands and toes to reach the floor, and they are also so very erotic.

A pat of the knee, and I was face down over her knees. The short tawse rained down on my bottom, and my feet were no longer touching the floor, but dancing around in the air. Many spanks were given, sometimes all to one cheek then to the other, and then the back of the legs and back again. The fun part of the tawse is that the two tips delve into the joins of your cheeks, so that area, NORMALLY VIRGIN UNTOUCHED, really FEELS the bite and the sting.
Cindy remarked while continuing to spank: what a wonderful dance my feet were doing.

.A pause, however brief, as Cindy placed the tawse on the floor, and picked up the paddle. It rained down, and Cindy used many glancing spanks, bringing the effect of the studs into maximum effect.

The spanking certainly was effective, and when Cindy eventually stopped, my bottom was a bright red and SORE, in the best way possible. We had made up for lost spanking time. I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and asked if I could look in the mirror, which Cindy happily agreed to. Fire engine red, specially the crack joining the cheeks. (that alone is why you should buy a tawse)

Cindy took a picture, but it did not come out well.

We then proceeded to having absolutely mind blowing sex, I love orally satisfying Cindy, and we used her favorite position after necking and fondling and sucking ..
and then she orally brought me to orgasm.
What a wonderful re-start of our spanking relationship.
(NO PHOTOGRAPHS INVOLVE US, and are simply taken from the internet tumblr sites.)
PS: while cuddling today (one day later), Cindy asked to see my bare bottom, and was delighted to see that it was still quite pink. While typing this more than 24 hours after the spanking, my bottom is still delightfully sore)

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Home, sweet home!... But (as I can testify) getting spanked or whipped away from home -whether at my sister in law's country home, in a hotel room, or out in the woods - has its own merits (or rewards)...


Anonymous said...

Now that's my kind of spanking - just for the sheer pleasure of it. Followed by wonderful sex. Does life get any better? Nice one Red. May you have many more.


Anonymous said...

Love the idea of waiting for her naked on the bed. With the implement waiting on your backside of course. Great stuff.

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, it is always nice to come home from holiday!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

home again and getting back into the grove. Cindy was probably right about the pillows but it's a great way to offer one's bottom. Although OTK is very personal it can sometimes cause the spanker problems with the swing and aim. Have you tired bending over the side of the bed with her standing. When R wants to put some color between my cheeks she has me spread them and uses a wooden spoon works great.

Njspank said...

Oh gosh ... I need a spanking too. I know that feeling you described so well. Then reading your story...I need to be spanked. Welcome back

Anonymous said...

That's awesome.

Red said...

L: home or away, a spanking is always worthwhile.

Yorkie: I hope so, thanks

Matt; sometimes a suggestive scenario is necessary to achieve ones goals

Jan: very true

archedone: The tawse defintely gets between the cheeks. Glad R does a thorough job.

Ron: good luck, hope you will be spanked soon

anon: thank you
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

good one to read. Loved it. Hope you recieve many more.

Best wishes,


Red said...

Marco; thanks for the kind words, and I am certain more will follow.. YIPPEE!!
bottoms up