Spanked with a tawse

Our relationship is wonderful, and Cindy is making certain that it remains wonderful. At times, I become too dominate, and need to be taken down a peg so to speak. Cindy expressed yesterday that I was making her feel guilty about going to some of her activities. I did not feel that I was doing this, as we had been scheduling what we were going to do daily in unison. Apparently, I was wrong.

We moved to the bedroom, and I retrieved the long tawse. I stripped off all of my clothes, that somewhat surprised Cindy. Having recently posted about being naked while being spanked, i thought I should experiment a little.

To make the long tawse more effective, I used the chair.... in this position
so that Cindy could be standing and have the ability to swing the tawse at arms length.
The tawse was somewhat effective, and many spanks were delivered. There was no real foot dancing though, as Cindy does not  somehow snap the spanks, and does not succeed to deliver strong spanks when I am in this position. It is more of a swaying motion , than a forceful swing.

As you can see, when Cindy concentrated on the nearest cheek, the ends of the tawse certainly dove into the crack between the cheeks
when Cindy decided it was enough, she stopped and I thanked her immediately for spanking me.

We then kissed, cuddled, and had absolutely marvelous love making, and we both had an amazing orgasm.

Problem solved in the most delightful way possible.
I am certain this tawse is effective, just not the way Cindy uses.
The short tawse she uses has me singing it's praises for it's effectiveness, as my feet also dance along to the music of owwws emanating from my mouth.
your smiles for today:

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Red and Cindy, keep it up!


Anonymous said...

There are different sizes, my wife has two different sizes. The one I hate the most is the long one, I must bend over and holding onto a chair, it gets my attention quickly. The other is smaller, more to make me feel like a naughty little boy, since it is always used when over her lap. What is worse is that it was my mother-in-law who purchase them and showed how to properly use each one.
I dance around afterwards, could care less all is on display no matter who may witness my spanking. Getting dress is the least of my concerns, want to stand in the shower with cool water raining on my spanked bottom, not standing facing the wall crying, no rubbing.

Baxter said...

so you are retired and you are scheduling your activities? I am a few years out from retirement and cannot imagine having to be anal to have to schedule my life. Maybe you need more spankings.

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, seems like Cindy is on form! Don't think I fancy one of those
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

We don't have a tawse but I'm sure with a full swing it leave an impression both in your mind and on your bottom. It appears you do have a well spanked bottom and learned. How did you feel about being completely naked?

ronnie said...

What does Cindy think of the tawse? Does she prefer the shorter or longer one?


Fondles said...

*note to self - research tawses*

and thanks for those two pictures! tickled my funnybone!

Anonymous said...

The first time in front of my mother-in-law I really very little, told hands at side. She was and is stern, stated seen it all. I squirmed on her lap, kicking, pleading, dance around the room afterwards. The most recent spanking my wife bare my bottom, out popped my penis, my mother-in-law just smiled and said typical male and when my wife was done with the spanking, she pointed out to her mom how it was limp.

Njspank said...

Ouch but nice

Red said...

marco: Cindy does. Thank you.

anon: i am certain the longer must be frightful when used strongly, but the small one has my feet dancing immediately.

Baxter: We have been retired over ten years, and it is fabulous. However, we recently had too many projects all at once, and some took forever that should have taken an hour or two, and thus after a week, it seemed like no accomplishments, and so much to do. Thus, defining what would be done daily, and considering it a useful day, beats being overwhelmed with things. We are once again on top of things. ps: more spankings come along very easily when stressed, or relaxed.

Jan: Cindy is, and you would love/hate the small one... it is worth purchasing

archedone; lessons are always learned, and many remembered. I find it ramps up the submissive side, as Cindy is fully clothed.

anon; spankings make men limp, if it is a significant spanking.

Ronnie: I believe Cindy prefers the short one, as she prefers OTK.

fondles: note to Fondles: purchase them...

Ron; ouch and more...
bottoms up

Merryslave said...

Merry is not very proficient (yet) with the tawse, either. She still complains that it hits her when she snaps it back. She needs to learn to do a full follow-through.

Red said...

Merry: practice makes perfect. Slow spanks, deliberately taking the tawse back slowly, should solve the problem... No hurry needed to give the spanking, you are not going anywhere until Merry says you can get up.
bottoms up