spanked again

A poor reaction got me spanked.

We have had a few rooms painted in our house, and the house is in a bit of a kerfuffle. We are in the process of putting everything in order, but I always tend to be strong willed (dominate?) in how things should be done, whereas Cindy is more let's get it done instantly.

My slow and sure is winning, as Cindy is making suggestions that take time to do. I am replacing all the light switches so that they are white instead of beige, and that will go nicely with th e white trim in the rooms. i did not want everything put back, because then I would just have to pull everything out to get to the wall plugs. We agreed.

i came home form the store with the items needed, and raised my voice thinking that Cindy had tried to put the expensive TV  back on her own, as I saw roll marks.  WRONG! 

Cindy was talking on the telephone at the time of my ( very short) slightly elevated voice comment. (outburst in Cindy's mind).  OOPS! You could almost see the steam rising from her ears!!!!!

As soon as Cindy was off the telephone, she pointed at me and then immediately pointed upstairs, and then the words upstairs, you are gong to be SPANKED! How dare you talk to me that way when I am on the telephone.

When we entered the bedroom I quickly closed the window, as she said: "get on the bed"
She went into the bathroom and came back with the wooden hair brush, and I was very quickly bare bottomed and lying on the bed. The spanks were hard, fast and furious. The lecture occurred partway during the spanking, but the spanks kept raining down.
(not a photo of me)
When Cindy's upset was spent, I was permitted to stand up, and I immediately apologized, and thanked her for the spanking. Looking in the mirror, my bottom was a very bright red, with that gray area in a large part of the each cheek showing that many many spanks had landed there.

This relieved the upset, and all was well again. i know a little better to look and think before reacting, but one does forget now and then.

Being spanked diffused the situation and all was well. Laate, I realized that the marks of the Television cart were the ones made when we rolled it into the other room. It had not been touched by Cindy. OOPS!

No loving making that day, but very affectionate. Being spanked certainly solvbed the problem, than arguing and my rebuttals, and staying annoyed or mad for a few days.

Well, we have been home for less than a week and a half, and I have been spanked three times. Obviously we are back on track. this occured last Friday, but I am only posting today.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

My wife is about the same, but all my spankings are otk, always bare bottom, and worse of all facing the wall afterwards. I then have to sit on her lap and she explains to me why I was spanked and soothes me. Bottom line I feel very much like a naughty little boy and this is what she is wanting.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

A feel for you, friend. You may think that you are in charge, but it's a common mistake made by many, many men. I for myself, I always have the last words in a discussion with Lindsay: yes, dear. You are right'.

Best wishes,


Baxter said...

I dont think you got the message Red. Your first sentence says 'a poor reaction'. No that was 'ready fire aim' kinda outburst. Your mouth was in gear while your brain was in neutral. But you got your just desserts just the same.

Anonymous said...

It's good to hear that while on vacation Cindy has not forgotten how to take you in hand. Wow back a short time and three spankings already.

ronnie said...

Cindy was quite right to deal with you then and there for your outburst.


Njspank said...

Amazing. Spankings are truly stress relief and cathartic as well
Thanks for sharing

Red said...

anon: spankings clear the air, and solve problems. The method your wife uses is effective for both parties, so that is wonderful.

Marco; I agree with you. The bottom line is that I get my bottom spanked if I step out of line in our relationship, and get to thank Cindy for correcting me. From the spanking, we proceed the way Cindy wanted things to be.

Baxter: very, very true

archedone: Cindy is truly in good spanking form.

Ronnie; it was immediate, and effective, and absolutely correct.

Ron; you are correct! thanks for writing
bottoms up

Merryslave said...

I read this post at work Tuesday night, and I remember thinking, "it's been too long since Merry set me straight in this fashion."
Well, come the next day, Wednesday evening, and I got smarth-mouthed with her, and she turned to me and said, "Fetch the bath brush and church paddle, and strip and get over the back of this church."
In about 20 minutes, my bottom looked similar to the one in the above picture, except for more bruising on the sit spot.

Then came some minutes in a corner, whereupon her oldest son came in the back door from the garage where he lives, and thus commenced a scramble with Merry throwing my shirt and shorts at me while she tried to delay his walk to the bathroom... but that's another story.

Red said...

Merryslave; Fortunately, we do NOT spank until bruised. Glad you have solved your spanking hiatus, but with a son of Merry's living almost in the house, seems like your activities are already known to him.
(explain the story whenever the muse strikes.
bottoms up

Merryslave said...

He actually lives in a back room of the garage... and comes in the backyard-kitchen door... unannounced... to use the kitchen or bathroom.
He does NOT approve of our lifestyle.
And actually, that was the story. I was standing in the corner, while Merry was taking a couple of pictures for "posterior-ity" and he came walking in, so she tossed me my shorts and shirt, and tried to stall him. I managed to get my shorts on as he walked into the bathroom, with just an over-the-shoulder glance at me.

Red said...

Merryslave: Many people would not approve, so Merry's son's reaction is normal. Hopefully, he is of adult age. Then, in my opinion, as adults, you both deserve to be happy in whatever way you choose, as long as it is consensual and does not affect others physically.
bottoms up