Marco's spanking

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Hello Red,

As I stated yesterday, I would report back after today's Freaky Friday.
It was just awesome, really.
I woke up after a my wife Lindsay brought our little daughter to school. As we kissed, she immediately noticed my erect condition.
'You really need it, hey', she asked. I could only confirm.
After I took my breakfast, Lindsay went into the shower and I brushed my teeth.
She went up the attic (a nice one, we have) and came down, all dressed up in the step-in with jarretels and black pumps. I was waiting in the bedroom and I heard the clicking of her shoes.....my erection went up +1.
Lindsay knew about my blue balls condition and drove me mad with teasing and squeezing my scrotum. It was a painful delight.

After several minutes she asked me if I was ready for a spanking. I quickly said yes and recieved a firm package.
Lindsay is getting the hang of it.
Between the spankings, she sometimes stops and teases me some more, making me want just more of the spankings.
First, I stood bowed before our bed and Lindsay made good use of our plastic hair-brush. She changed over the horse-whip and ended with the cane.
The cane is the one that gets the best of me. I tried to count to 20, but Lindsay, not afraid of hurting me anymore it seems, rained the cane down my ass and I had to say 'stop' at number 12.
The sting is lovely.......

BTW: my wife looks a bit like Mrs. Strictland in the pic below. Her hair is a bit shorter, but the body type is similar.
After the beating I went on my knees and licked Lindsay for about 15 minutes. She had a powerful orgasm.

We restarted the spanking session. I was laying over her legs, trapped between them and she polished my ass with the hair-brush again.
Lindsay said that the color was nicely reddish and stated it was time for my orgasm.
I asked to be tied down to our bed and have a teasing handjob. Lindsay took a towel and put it over my upper body. I found myself strapped eagle on our bed, completly helpless as Lindsay started the tease.
With lubricant she went up and down my erection and after a few minutes.....the best orgasm ever. No shit.
The prolonged waiting and teasing, the sexy clothes of my wife, the spankings, the handjob....it all came together and I had a huge, powerful ejaculation.
The first pushes went over the towel and I covered myself in semen. Lindsay just started to laugh a bit as I kept on shooting for about 6 seconds. It was just great.
Afterwards, I felt a little pumping pain in my balls, the aftermath of the blue balls experience.....it's still there as I am writing.

I guess my wife Lindsay now knows how much these spankings and teasing add to my sensations.
But to wait 2 weeks for another orgasm.....no way.
Yours sincerely,
Marco: thank you for sharing this experience  Spankings can be for pleasure, or for discipline, or both, and both types can lead to wonderful feelings of closeness and love and sometimes sexual feelings. They can just be a played out fantasy, which thrills both parties.

bottoms up


  1. Red, thanks for sharing Marco's story. And Marco, you have a great wife.

  2. Thank you Red and Marco. What a wonderful scene you both had getting played with then spanked and played with and another spanking is wonderful I'm sure you enjoyed it.

  3. Hello Baxter,

    Thanks for the compliment, Baxter. I am very in love with my wife, even more now she plays along so nicely with my phantasies.
    I consider myself to be very, very lucky.

    Best wishes,


  4. Thanks for sharing an amazing and erotic session. Lucky man

  5. Baxter, archeodne, ron: you are welcome , and thanks Marco for the fun posts you sent me. Anyone else want to send me a post or posts like this?????
    bottoms up

  6. Marco you are indeed a very lucky man. I trying to get my wife into spanking me with very little success as you say she is afraid or hurting. The two spankings I have received have been fairly mild. Can you tell me how you were able to talk her into it? Any advice Will be greatly appreciated. That great story.

    1. Hello Joe,

      well, you've got your wife so far that she did spank you. That's good. Now, when she does it again, no matter if you would like to be better/harder, make a real effort in giving your wife one, or more, orgasms. And afterwards: cuddle!
      Be very attentive and praise her for the spanking, but add remarks if you are want to have it harder next time. It's a step by step process. But when you give her better sex when she spanked you, she get's it as a win-win situation.
      Spanking=better orgasms=cuddle.
      Take it slow, have it once a month (spanking) and build it up from there (longer/harder/kinky), whatever the BOTH of you like. Do not force it on to her!

      Good luck,


    2. Joe: good advice from Marco, except I would not in any way analyze her performance telling her what to do next, simply be so very grateful she agreed, and maybe a week or more later talk about the spanking thing again.
      bottoms up

  7. Hello Joe,

    well, it wasn't easy to talk about to begin with, I have to admit. As we sex, Lindsay knew from a very early point in our relationship that I had this 'thing' to be dominated. Not that Lindsay is a dominatrix or such, but the feeling of 'not being in control'. The last year, as Lindsay did read the '50 shades' series, she wandered a bit more in the direction that I liked. We started to tease each other more and more to get a bigger orgasm. As she teased me more, one day she just gave me this slap on my ass and I responded very positive to it, physically and mental. I got harder and my response to her was getting even more enthusiastic while doing cunnilingus. So, the more she spanked me, the better my performance 'down there' got. In the following period, when ever Lindsay made a smart remark on spanking (knowing that it would lead to better cunnilingus), I would eagerly respond and had this 'light' in my eyes....like a kid in a candystore, as you will.
    So, on night I just dropped the question if she would please spank me with a hairbrush.
    She said she would do anything for me and later that night I've got my first spanking. I could tell that Lindsay enjoyed it also, because she was very wet. From that point on, we got a bit more spanking stuff and with every spanking Lindsay lost the nerve of hurting me.
    So, combined with the extreme powerful orgasm I had, Lindsay knows this is a huge turn-on for me and she loves the way I love her back.

    My advice: make a better effort pleasing your wife, be more attent in daily live, clean up in the house or do tasks, ask kindly for a good spanking (make it 2 or more spanking session in one making-love night), praise her when the pain is as you like it to be and give her a wobbling orgasm.
    Cuddle afterwards and remind her of the good feeling you got from the spankings. Your wife will remember it as: spanking=great orgasm=cuddle=more attent husband.
    She thinks: I am in a win-win situation, oh, my!

    But build it up slow. Rome wasn't build in one night, either.

    Good luck and please keep us informed.


    1. Joe: a more detailed accounting, and very similar to some other couples progress into the spanking world. Only item I disagree with is two spanking session in one love making session. I would rather move to more frequent spanking and love making sessions.
      bottoms up

  8. Thank you everyone for the great advise. Since then we have had a few conservations about my desire to be spanked and the wife seemed to be coming around. So this afternoon after coming home from some shopping she was sitting in the living room on the computer, since I realized we had the house to ourselves for while a idea popped into my mind. Standing up I dropped my pants and bent over the arm of the coach without a word. She looked at me for a moment and said ok guess it's time, put the laptop aside walker over and began spanking me with her hand and it was great. After about 10 minutes I suggested to preserve her hands she should use my belt instead she reached between my legs and started touching and fondling me in a most pleasant why. The contrast in sensations was incredible. After a couple of minutes she told me to stay right there and walked away soon to return and started spanking again with a wooden paddle WOW. After 20 smacks she asked how much was enough and I replied that was entirely up to you. A few more smacks and she decided my bottom was red enough again I was told to stay in position and with one hand on my back she again was touching me and had me moaning. Shortly I was allowed up and I immediately thanked her for the great time, kissing and hugging her and proceeding to please her as she likes it including a back rub which she allows enjoys before sex. Thanks again for the great advise and I will update you as we progress. I am hoping for the belt next time.


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