fourth spanking in under two weeks

Life should be relaxed and leisurely, but somehow we many times opt to do too many things at he same time. Simply amazing, that being retired, we seem to have else time with everything being done, than when we both were working with children at home.

We have had some painting done for us, so the house is in an upheaval, and I have been working in the garden planting bushes, officiating, and playing slow pitch baseball. Cindy has also a number of activities.

One of our children is having a difficult time at work, and that stresses us out to see our child very stressed. Yesterday morning, while discussing over breakfast, I imagine I adopted my dominate aggressive tone of  what should be done. I imagine I may have been lecturing, which is a fault of mine, and it was only Cindy and I.

About an hour later, while I was dabbling on the Internet, Cindy stormed into the room, holding a wooden implement from the kitchen, and pointed and forcefully stated "Bend Over the Sofa".

Bare bottomed immediately, and bent over, Cindy immediately started spanking away with vehemence while lecturing me: "how dare I be so dominate and aggressive in stating my opinions to her." The spanks rained down, but this was quite a light implement, so were not as effective as our usual implements, My bottom became red, but with no owwing or feet dancing. 

I apologized while he spanking was occurring, and Cindy stopped when her fury had been released. I then thanked her for the spanking, and apologized again for my behavior.

Only in writing, do I realize that we need to chat a little about implements, and possibly leave the tawse easily available for her to use in such a situation.
Next time, this will probably be me stating OMG, she brought the TAWSE.
Definitively, this would then be a deterrent spanking that would cause me to pause whenever I feel the need to express an opinion strongly.

bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Oops! You are really on a roll at the minute. We too are newly retired and wondering how we ever found time to go to work!
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

What we see is the result of a 'perfect storm'; a house that is in a bit of disorder, due to the painting-job. The stress of your child and all the rest of the stuff that needs to be done. Result: you lost your temper. It happens.
But there's always the piper that needs to be payed, in your case, a spanking by Cindy.
The choices are simple: mind the tonque or feel the ass.
How tempting....

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Do you have any permissible outlet for venting strong emotions or opinions? It's not like you were yelling at your wife or anything. It sounds like you were just thinking out loud.

ssj said...


Njspank said...

You are one lucky man. Love it and well deserved

Red said...

ssj; Cindy is, at times
Ron; yes, a very lucky man
bottoms up

Red said...

Any strong emotion or opinion stated calmly, in a normal voice is always fine. My tendency is to repeat saying the same thing, and saying it loudly(dominantly) as though their is no other course of action.
bottoms up

Red said...

Marco: so very true, stress causes poor choices,a nd poor choices get you spanked.
bottoms up

Red said...

Jan: On a roll , or bending over the knee,definitely. It is so much better to be spanked, clearing the air so to speak.Retirement is great, but best not to try to accomplish everything your mind can imagine, specially at the same time.
Being retired gives plenty more opportunities to be spanked.
bottoms up