real spanking

Due to possible perceived dangers, Cindy has avoided spanking me for real for quite some time. A biopsy of my prostate showed no cancer is present, but like Jan having an operation, how do you ask the doctor when would it be okay for my partner to spank me?.  I realize that I am a kinky but shy person.

However, we are now firmly back on the road of my being spanked.We had talked about it for a few days, and Cindy had expressed her reluctance, but i gradually changed her mind. In our bedroom, I put out the small leather tawse, and the small loopy johnny. After two days, Cindy decided that i did need to be spanked, I did not put out a wood implement, because it's penetration is greater, that is, it flattens the bottom more than leather does.

Cindy called me to the bedroom, and had me completely undress. She was seated on the chair, but having me over her knee, it was decided that maybe moving to the bed would be more comfortable, and permit a longer slow spanking.

Cindy propped herself up against the backboard, and I was dutifully draped over her knees.

THE TAWSE: This tawse is WICKED! The first spank made an unstoppable reflexive kick from my feet, and by the second or third spanks, I was owwiing also! I am at a loss for words to describe how it feels, as I just react and my mind goes blank. Cindy gave many spanks, then paused to explain what behavior I had done that is necessitating a spanking. She also asked if I was comfortable, because this was going to be a longer spanking.

I replied that I was fine, and with a note of pleasure in her mind remarked that this implement seems to be very effective, from all the feet dancing and owwing that I was doing in appreciation of her efforts.

She then began spanking again, and my reactions started immediately. After a short while she started spanking on the closest cheek only. and that devilish tips chastised the inside crack of my bottom relentlessly. I do not believe I have ever been spanked their before. When she move dot the far cheek, the wrapping really spanked a part of the far cheek, but without creating bruising.

Another pause, another item of how I should start to try to behave better with, and then a switch to the loopy johnny. this had no effect whatsoever. I purchased too small of a loopy johnny, so that over the knee it had limited effect. My feet did not dance, nor did I oowwww, and I was was simply passive. It may work better if I am standing bent over, but that was not the position I was in. Cindy was disappointed, and switched back to the tawse, and I immediately began owwing and dancing.

This time Cindy also visited the top of the back of my legs, and WOW!!! OWWWWWWWWWW!
Cindy then gave many spanks, some to the nearest cheek, some to the furthermost, some across the top of my bottom, some along the crack, and my bottom was on fire.

Cindy finally stopped, and stated that the spanking was finished, and i could get up. I immediately thanked her for the spanking, was told i could look in the mirror, and I saw that my entire bottom was the brightest red I have ever seen, including the entire crack between the cheeks.

We then cuddled, caressed, and made the most passionate of love in many a day. It was FABULOUS!

We wholeheartedly endorse this TAWSE.... from http://www.cane-iac.com/
PS: I also purchased the longer tawse, so I am decidedly not going to mention it for some time. my bottom was sore, and still pink the next day. The after effects are amazing!
bottoms up


Simon said...

Glad to read that your health scare was just that, a scare, I had a similar experience recently which led me to curtail some of my punishment related activities. Once I had the all clear I leapt back into action with a renewed enthusiasm.
I'm old enough to have gone to school in Scotland when genuine tawses were still used on children although they were generally used on the hands. If you had been really naughty some of the teachers would strap the back of your thighs, this was a time when boys wore shorts allowing easy access to thighs, but it was never used on the bottom.
The problem with tawses as used in adult plaY is that there are so many different implements described as that. They can vary enormously in size, length, and weight and hence in effect. Some tawses I enjoy and others I loathe and the really heavy ones feel more like a paddle than a strap.

ronnie said...

Wise not mentioning the longer tawse yet. It's worse than the smaller one.


Baxter said...

glad you are in good health, Red, so that Cindy can spank you and you can tell us all about it LOL


Anonymous said...

R loves using leather on me and I love to feel it on my bottom it sounds like we should invest in a tawse. I'm sure the effect it has on me will make a both happy.
Glad you are feeling better.

an English Rose said...

Hi Red.glad you are back to normal. I read this post to hubby and he was sympathizing with Cindy on knowing when to spank! Glad you are okay now
love Jan, xx

Njspank said...

Wow. Glad all is well and your bottom is now being tended to. Very hot and erotic scene thanks

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that your heath is OK. GREAT news!!!! Sounds like you got a really good licking from that tawse. I know first hand about getting the crack spanked. YEOUCH!!!!! JayJay

Red said...

Simon: Thanks, we are slowly re-entering TTWD. Yes, a tawse can definitely be too heavy, just like anything wooden. This one from Can-iac seems perfect, as Cindy uses it with a normal swinging motion. It appears that it would be harmless, but you certainly truly feel it. I recommend it. No bruising, just a lot of red bottom.

Ronnie: yes, very wide.. it may stay in the closet for many many months. Do you have one, i have forgotten?

Baxter: thanks

archedone: I recommend you buy this exact one from Can-iac It is NOT expensive

Jan: thanks, and you may soon be treated to a soft hand or SOFT leather. The sting is the thing. May you be spanked soon, but maybe you should actually ask the doctor. They have probably heard a lot more from many other people.

Ron: thanks, and you are welcome.

JayJay: thanks, and a definitive YEOWCH...
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

My wife spanks but does not go beyond that, beyond is not a spanking. A real spanking is seeing me dancing around the room, rubbing, crying, facing the wall with a very red bottom. A real spanking to her is me across her lap, bare from the waist down, sometimes naked if really naughty. Her hand to start with and the hairbrush to finish with. If anyone drops in during or after the spanking, that just makes it worse.

Anonymous said...

I think I might try and get one of those tawses. Which one is it exactly?


Red said...

yorkie: i recommend it.. go to http://www.cane-iac.com/items/leather-shack~straps/lochgellytawseset-detail.htm
bottoms up