here we go, again

This brings to mind the Ray Charles (and many other singers)  song...
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkkzlF1D3hg  if you want it to play in the background while reading...

We are on the road, and although I will leave some posts every day or every second day for your amusement, I will NOT be monitoring this blog.  
Any emails you might send me will go unanswered, as I do NOT use any internet access to reference spanking.

Famous thoughts:

George Washington asked his father, 
"How can I become President if I cannot tell a lie?"

So, remember to behave yourself, as Audrey is ready to spank you if you do not
 as would many other women enjoy the task...
So whether you are a woman
or a man
Behave, or be spanked often...
Happy trails to you
and another smile for your day
bottoms up (and smile often)


  1. I love Audry and what a classic picture. Nice stool legs and lap waits for us
    Enjoy your trip

  2. Ron: thanks, and we did
    bottoms up


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