women who know their place

Well, that is the title of another tumblr, that has excellent pictures, but not the pictures the title professes! [ get over my lap now!]
Actually, it is the title that this blog professes,   [yes, dear, i am waiting to spank you]
That the woman's place
is in charge of the husband
where when he misbehaves
he gets spanked

The site that you might like to visit, to see stern no nonsense women,

ones that make you shudder when you think what might be about to happen,
and one that many f/m caption writing people will have a fun time choosing photos and writing scenarios.
 The look states your fate
 Go visit, and leave some likes on the tumblr of photos you enjoy looking at.

bottoms up


  1. there are a lot of enjoyable tumblrs out there.


  2. baxter: very true
    and a lot of simple re-posting
    bottoms up


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