little spankings

Life is fun, and sometimes they involve little spankings.
Cindy has been quite adventurous is having her bottom spanked a little, whenever she is being mischievous. I am not certain how to describe the situations, but she states something that is mischievous. and I respond by twirling my finger meaning turn around and bend over, and she does, a smile on her face, and wriggles her bottom at me while I give it a few spanks.

In the morning,  we eat breakfast in our sleepwear, so misbehavior by Cindy is always more fun on the bare bottom. When she is laughing and wriggling, I can give good feeling spanks, and if she keeps rebutting while laughing, I have ended up giving ten spanks without her really noticing.  She feels them afterwards, but they are not disagreeable to her. Just fun pleasant spanks and eroticism.
This drawing by Leonardo is almost the saucy pose Cindy strikes...
At other times, if she is wearing jogging pants, then it is bare bottom also.

Cindy has gone back to using the wooden soup stirrer when displeased, ten or a little more for whatever reason she is annoyed with my words or deeds. not a really spanking, but very effectively given.

As an example, she came in the computer room which looks out over the street, and carried this implement with her. She motioned, and I was quickly bare bottom over the back of the sofa, while she addressed various issues that had annoyed her.

As it was a dull day, she suggested I turnout the light before we started, thus less chance of being seen from the street. I have no reason to believe someone has seen walking by, but after this many years, it is quite probable.

This spanking had three parts, with a number of spanks to the upper  back of the legs also. Spanks, then lecture as to why, spanks, then lecture about another reason, then more spanks.

I actually still feel it six hours later.

Little spankings have a great effect of keeping us happy, solving minor problems, getting rid of little frustrations, and making for a happy happy lifestyle.

bottoms up


an English Rose said...

Hi Red, it is the little things that keep us going!
love Jan, xx

Njspank said...


Little things in life are the most cherished! Terrific post

Anonymous said...

adventurous spankings are wonderful. You and Cindy always find ways to enjoy spanking. I'm sure Cindy can be quite saucy when she desires a spanking. If R scolds during a spanking I really enjoy it and actually don't want her to stop.

Anonymous said...

You can scold me anytime Red but remember there will be a time that you will have your shorts at you ankles and Cindy will be doing the scolding and making those cute cheeks a warming color....Cheryl

Baxter said...

that was good.


Red said...

Jan: definitely helpful
Ron: thank you
archedone: interesting, as it extends the spanking.
cheryl: she will be doing that for certain.
baxter: you are welcome
bottoms up