Cindy spanked

Sometimes Cindy pushes her anxiety level to the extreme, where she becomes the proverbial bull in a china tea shop, and thus earns a spanking. She simply gets all worked up, and everything seems to crash in on her.

Her spankings are of a very, very reluctant consensual nature. She will sometimes tear up and state she doesn't want to be spanked, that it will hurt too much, that I don't agree.

I then explain that she is way over the top in her emotions, that she is acting like a crazy woman, and that a spanking will calm her down and focus her back on reality. She very reluctantly agrees.

Her spanking was given by us going to the bedroom, my retrieving the hair brush, and her lowering her jogging pants and panties. I tapped my knee,k, the way she does for me to bend over, and slowly she lowered herself over my knees.

I made certain she was comfortably positioned, so as the only discomfort should be on her beautiful bottom, not her arms or legs.

Five quick sharp spanks, had her calling out,almost sobbing, and i calmed her by gentling massaging  her bottom and talking in a calm voice, reminding her of why she is being spanked.

I reminded her that she threw a fit at me in the kitchen, over nothing, and then a minute later apologized that she did not know why she had done it. I reminded her that I had simply asked whether to freeze the spare ribs, and eat the rib steaks tonight, or did she want to also boil the spare ribs today, and then they could be cooked tomorrow. Booth items had a best before day of tomorrow, so which would she like me to do.

A few more spanks (3 or 4) from the hair brush and she was saying please, not with the hair brush ..it hurts too much.

I paused again, and then reviewed with her that I had gone and dealt with some laundry, but had called her to simply ask that she check her clothing so that no tissues were in the pockets of what was being washed. she had stated that I should have checked the pockets. my reply was that I always did, and read every flipping label of what method of laundry was needed, gentle, hand wash , etc, but this was a type of sweat top I had never washed before, and had not noticed that it had a little pouch in the front. Tissue was all over a lot of clothes, but most shook out, or was removed by the dryer.
Now, a few hand spanks, some owwing by Cindy, and the next pause.

I then reminded her that she had very nicely vacuumed up in the laundry room, a small area, but then did the hall steps in a hurry, and part of the hall, like a bull in a china shop, and knocked an ornament off the tree that fell and broke. It was one I really liked, and it had never been in danger of being hit by the vacuum.  i reminded her that their was no need to do the stairs while she was doing them, as you are upset, so why bother. We are retired. It can wait until tomorrow. There are more important things in life. (I have had a medical test and will find the results in ten days, but she continued vacuuming in a mad panic, and shortly thereafter broke the nick knack. We purchased it in Northern Europe, so unlikely to ever be there again, or see something similar again.

Another few hard hand spanks, and then I asked if she was going to relax and enjoy life, or did I need to keep spanking her.
She agreed she would relax, but complained about how sore her bottom was. I stated it was a small price to be able to relax and enjoy the day..

I stated she could get up, and when she did, I reminded her she needed to say something. She softly stated: thank you for spanking me.

We cuddled, and kissed, but as much as I offered my oral skills to her, she stated that because for the moment it cannot be mutual, she was not interested.

Spanking solved the problems of that period of the day, and the rest of the day has been extremely enjoyable. please remember that if Cindy had really wanted not to be spanked, she would not have bared her bottom and bent over my lap, plus, she could have gotten up at any time. The photos are not of Cindy, nor did I in any way restrain her!

Cindy being spanked helped us have an enjoyable day.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Red when can I check into your house and discipline? I often get rattled it is common and like you I am put over my husbands knees and you cannot imagine how quickly my troubles are gone when I feel my panties at my ankles and the 1st spank is delivered.....yes it hurts but it helps so much that I have a man that cares......Cheryl

an English Rose said...

Hi Red, I hope your test results are okay. Also I hope Cindy is feeling better
love Jan,xx

smuccatelli said...

Nice story and nice pics. Never have I seen Cassie Hunter spanked! What a rarity. She's nearly always the sneering, cruel domme punishing errant males. Nice to see the role reversal for a change. I'm glad you BOTH enjoyed it...

bobcat said...

Is there NOT a "LOVE" button on your page???


Anonymous said...

I have to agree sometimes the lady needs spanking and in this case Cindy knew she needed one and did consent but still didn't want one. I'm guessing her bottom is very tender and probable needs more spanking. I've found the more R spanks me the more I can take. Sadly in this home if R gets that way I end up being spanked to release her tension. Not to say I would not love to spank R as she has one very sexy and spankable bottom but the only time I'm allowed to spank her is on her birthday and believe me they are not as hard as I get.

Njspank said...

Wonderful. So amazing. As I always say spankings just release all the stress in life. Well done. Thanks

Terri said...

Hi, Red. Try eBay--if you can remember the ornament well enough to give a fairly detailed description, you just might find another one of it there.

Glad you were able to sort Cindy's tension out for her.

Red said...

Cheryl: You are already a very lucky woman, in that you have a husband who loves you, and is willing to spank you when it is needed, or simply because he knows you would like one.
Be careful what you wish for, he has already given me permission to spank you.

Jan: Cindy is fine, and I will let you know. Hopefully your recovery is on track and full steam ahead. Now, the question, how do you ask the doctor when it would be safe for your husband to spank you?

smuccatelli: yes, that is the only picture of Cassie, but their must be more out there somewhere. Cindy did not enjoy it, but all is extremely well.

Bob: I do not know how to put one on a blog, but know it exists on tumblr. Do let me know how to do it, if one exists. I have seen one that allows like, love, not interested, but that type of feedback I do not want. Not interested are people trying to control what I post.

archedone: negotiate my friend, maybe a hand spanking when she is so clearly off the rails, followed later in the day with her giving you a sound spanking if she desires. Nothing to lose by asking.

Ron: spankings release stress. I totally agree.

Terri: thanks for the suggestion...
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

There is no finer scene then my wife across my lap, her skirt on her back, her panties around her ankles and she acting like a naughty little girl, pleading to be good, just to have the spanking stopped. My mother-in-law saw her daughter facing the wall, notice how red her bottom was, gave me a hug and said it was long over due. I told her that was not her first spanking, nor will it be her last. When she visited the next time, she gave me a present, a nice large hairbrush, it does works wonders, watching my wife dance around the room prior to facing the wall is great. I've added bath time and so squirming in the tub while I bath her is really nice.

Red said...

anon: sounds like more fantasy than fact, but if true, hopefully it is consensual
bottoms up