A smile for today

When I saw this, I thought of  Ronnie and Hermione
The reason I thought of them....
and if you read Ronnie's blog, you can just hear her pushing P into spanking her
and still replying while being spanked
Many a husband would love such a woman
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March questions

Well, I have never done this before, but in following Ronnie and Hermione's lead, maybe I should open this blog up to questions you might like to ask.
So, for those who actually read this blog, instead of visiting for the pictures, what might you be wondering about me?
and just a few smiles
remember also, that just 
and really, mate, this is the wine for all of us (read the notice ot consumers)
ask away....
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Tomy's wife (a F/M Blog)

I have been amiss in not writing about a blog I have visited a few times, which I think is excellent. The level of writing and thoughts are excellent, but you will not visit this site for spanking related pictures and art work. That is a very good thing, because you visit for the thoughts expressed, which might stimulate your thinking.

Tomy's most recent post had one idea which I will be following up on. Tomy and his wife have had a review of their DWC lifestyle, and that has lead to some changes, which include a weekly review, and harder spankings.

Due to health concerns, I have not been spanked in a very longtime, and I think we are both feeling that neglect in our lifestyle, with frustrations  mounting. However, since i started writing this, and now, we seem to be moving back towards spankings.

Tomy has been posting since 2013, but only on the average of once every month or two.
My advice is to drop by, as every f/m spanking site always needs encouragement.

Remember to smile everyday

and if you want spanking in your lifestyle, with you being spanked, gently bring up the idea with your partner... (many tips have been given during the life of my blog.)
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Happy Easter (the Easter spanking)

So, I sometimes forget what day is coming up, and simply schedule posts in advance. Thus, I have changed today's post.

Hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday with family and friends.
And beware the Easter Monday SPANKING (photo comes from Jan's http://dancinroses.blogspot.com/2016/03/happy-easter.html


Bizarre Easter Traditions

Easter Spanking?
While chocolate and Easter eggs feature prominently in Eastern European celebrations, another tradition might raise eyebrows – the Easter spanking. In countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary, it’s a custom for men to “spank” women with specially made decorative willow whips on Easter Monday. The symbolic spanking – it shouldn’t hurt – is supposed to bring the women good health in the following year, and men are supposed to get an Easter treat (such as an egg or chocolate) for the favor.As travel writer Stephanie MacLellan explains in Getting Spanked, or Easter the tradition is widespread, but not everyone takes part.


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two women spanking you! (could be fun)

The imagination is a wonderful thing, so many men fantasies revolve around being spanked by two women at once.
The fantasy might have one walking into the house, to see the greeting awaiting him.
 What might he say.... "why are you holding those spanking implements" and the ladies raise them and say: Oh these spanking IMPLEMENTS. Come here so we can explain.
Well, the explanation is about to be given, but you will not need these pants
 and now
no underwear 
As one woman admires your shrunken penis at the thought of what is to happen, the other looks you in the eye, and asks : " Might you have an inkling what is too happen next?
and while being finally divested of all clothes: She asks and " you claim you have  no idea why this is about to happen from both of us at the same time????
or, you might be questioned before it is time to go over their knees 
 Almost looks like mother-in-law and wife are spanking you, and your WIFE IS REALLY ENJOYING HERSELF
My, your feet are doing some wonderful dance moves
and, don't worry,
you will not escape until they DECIDE your spanking is done
 enjoy the fantasy.
Has anyone ever been spanked by two women (or by a couple at the same time.)
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little spankings

Life is fun, and sometimes they involve little spankings.
Cindy has been quite adventurous is having her bottom spanked a little, whenever she is being mischievous. I am not certain how to describe the situations, but she states something that is mischievous. and I respond by twirling my finger meaning turn around and bend over, and she does, a smile on her face, and wriggles her bottom at me while I give it a few spanks.

In the morning,  we eat breakfast in our sleepwear, so misbehavior by Cindy is always more fun on the bare bottom. When she is laughing and wriggling, I can give good feeling spanks, and if she keeps rebutting while laughing, I have ended up giving ten spanks without her really noticing.  She feels them afterwards, but they are not disagreeable to her. Just fun pleasant spanks and eroticism.
This drawing by Leonardo is almost the saucy pose Cindy strikes...
At other times, if she is wearing jogging pants, then it is bare bottom also.

Cindy has gone back to using the wooden soup stirrer when displeased, ten or a little more for whatever reason she is annoyed with my words or deeds. not a really spanking, but very effectively given.

As an example, she came in the computer room which looks out over the street, and carried this implement with her. She motioned, and I was quickly bare bottom over the back of the sofa, while she addressed various issues that had annoyed her.

As it was a dull day, she suggested I turnout the light before we started, thus less chance of being seen from the street. I have no reason to believe someone has seen walking by, but after this many years, it is quite probable.

This spanking had three parts, with a number of spanks to the upper  back of the legs also. Spanks, then lecture as to why, spanks, then lecture about another reason, then more spanks.

I actually still feel it six hours later.

Little spankings have a great effect of keeping us happy, solving minor problems, getting rid of little frustrations, and making for a happy happy lifestyle.

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spanking art

Just a fun little post : This is a delightful way to ask for a spanking
The obvious answer if you want the spanking to continue
The ensuing aftercare will be delightful

The top drawing comes from a new site featuring spanking art you will have seen elsewhere, but it is a nice combination of many drawings.

On a different note, being retired, I am always looking for some gainful employment! This just might be the occupation for me.
 alternatively, maybe if my employer at the coffee shop disapproves of my performance, this might be a fun future
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French postcards from yesteryear

We were in France a few years ago, and in Paris I saw these in a news stand while walking along the banks of the Seine.
The clothing and hairstyle fit the era imagined, lovely cornertime photo. I always believe it is nice to see yourself naked when you were younger, as opposed tot he specimen looking back at you today in the mirror.
Corner time completed, may i have my spanking now, please seems to be what this willing delightful woman is saying
a friend showed up, and is being helped to show her bottom before the spanking. 
Remember to be SAFE, SANE, and CONSENSUAL when involved in spanking scenes
and try to improve your behavior, by learning from your mistakes
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our attitudes change

Times change, or at least our openness about certain things. To suggest in the sixties that a woman would like to be spanked by her partner, would have been outrageous.
Nowadays, I have a number of women friends, all met in the blogosphere. that enjoy being spanked, and some (ronnie) crave it often. This concept of desiring to be spanked is in a number of men, as noticed by the amount of visits to this blog, which is mostly about men being spanked by their partner.

So, if you have never tried it, talk to your partner about it, and GO SLOWLY.  The shoe is definitely on the other foot so to speak.
and if married....
This next art definitely looks like a REDRUMP drawing... http://redrump.blogspot.com

marriage counseling is only a chair away.
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Sunday's thoughts

Another week ends, so let the grins begin!
When you were growing up, wouldn't you have loved to do this with Betty and Veronica...
but because you could not spank the students, IF YOU WERE THE TEACHER:

wouldn't it have been lovely if YOU COULD HAVE SPANKED THE PARENTS

at least the fantasy lives on with adult age play spanking scenes

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Cosmopolitan magazine: interesting emails to receive

Well, if you are visiting my blog, you MAY have an interest in all things EROTIC!

You might think you know everything there is to know about the fairer sex, but some of these emails have articles well WORTHWHILE for you to read.

 Here are some of the amazing topics that are being discussed...
an example: Getting a simple affirmation afterward, like, "Hey, that was so great," is a pretty effective way to make sure you'll get blow jobs in the future.

I have read many of these, that daily come into my email account. 

If you learn one thing that you think is worth trying, then it is a great addition to your love life.

In one, I learned to try licking the alphabet letters while licking Cindy, and she really, REALLY enjoyed it. Certain letters are now go to letters. P, X, Y......

How to sign up


Both your partner and you will thank me, as one idea once a month that works is a wonderful experience, and I believe you will learn more than that each month. Making love is fun, and having more of an idea what women might be thinking about is fabulous.
and now, 
but do try to stay out of trouble

She does not believe you were staring at Godzilla
and thus

(this comes from dsnaughtyboyspankingadventures.blogspot.com
and now join cosmopolitan.com email list

of course, another blogger has posted this, which I cannot verify as to whether it is true or not
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